Unique Customer Experience

One of the reasons customers choose The Ritz-Carlton brand is because of our reputation for providing legendary service. Legendary service entails going above and beyond. However, it’s not only about exceeding expectations. It’s also about creating unique customer experiences that are memorable and personal. The following guest story shows how listening, caring and creativity were combined to craft a unique, memorable and personal experience for a very special guest.

A Unique Customer Experience

A young man with Down syndrome was visiting The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis, and the Sales Manager learned the young man was especially looking forward to meeting the security officers because he was fascinated by this type of work. The Sales Manager recruited the help of the Loss Preventions Supervisor, the Director of Sales and Marketing, and a Loss Prevention Officer. Together, they decided to stage a VIP departure with the young man assisting with the escort.

On the day of the surprise, the Director of Sales and Marketing pretended to be a celebrity VIP. She dressed up in a fur coat, scarf and movie star sunglasses and waited in The Ritz-Carlton Suite. Then, the Sales Manager and the Loss Prevention Officer met the young man in the lobby and asked if he would be willing to help them escort a very important guest. His face immediately lit up, and he said, “Let’s do this!”

They escorted the young man to the Loss Prevention Base, where the Loss Preventions Supervisor was waiting to brief the young man on his assignment. The Loss Preventions Supervisor provided the young man with a personalized nametag, radio, and official Loss Prevention lapel pin.

Then, they took the private elevators up to meet the VIP. The young man used his radio to call out, “Escort in route” and led the VIP to the security entrance—where special escort SUVs were waiting. Once the VIP was safely in her vehicle, the Loss Prevention Officer and the young man took a seat in the lead escort vehicle, turned on the siren, and drove away.

Make Lifelong Memories

When the young man returned to the hotel, the Ladies and Gentlemen gave him a wall of applause for his excellent security work. They presented him with a personalized plaque, naming him an honorary member of the Loss Prevention team.

Creating unique, memorable and personal experiences require that you engage with your customers to learn what would be truly meaningful to them. When you provide the kind of service that shows thoughtfulness, care, extra effort, and creativity—you touch the heart of your customers and create unforgettable experiences.

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