Dear Ritz-Carlton: How Do You Drive Culture?

Dear Ritz-Carlton: What rituals or traditions does The Ritz-Carlton use to drive culture?

Answer from Jeff Hargett, Senior Corporate Director, Culture Transformation at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center:

Photo of Jeff Hargett

Our Daily Line-Ups are our most impactful and consistent way of energizing our culture on a daily basis and with every employee. They include opportunities for our employees—the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton—to engage with our values every day. We also drive our culture through Monthly Departmental Meetings and Quarterly Staff Meetings (called General Sessions). These additional opportunities go even deeper into our culture as we learn more information that not only impacts our local team, but also corporate information that keeps us connected with the larger enterprise.

The Ritz-Carlton’s successful culture centers around an engaged workforce, which we build through positive reinforcement. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our First Class card program where colleagues can recognize each other when they have exhibited our culture through the service they have provided to our guests or each other. Of course, the best culture driver: Living It! 

Join us for a one-day symposium, “Your Journey to Service Excellence.” The day includes a keynote speaker, a Q&A session with The Ritz-Carlton executive panel, an optional networking reception and presentations about legendary service, employee engagement and a customer-centric culture.