Buffet Tour Guide

The trick to unique, memorable and personal service is to meet the customer’s unexpressed and expressed needs. This can be achieved through grand acts that surprise and delight, and it can also be achieved through small gestures of thoughtfulness. The following guest story illustrates how kindness, engagement and a little extra effort can create a “wow” moment.

A Cultural Escort

A Server was setting up a beautiful buffet presentation at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place, when a husband and wife arrived for lunch. The Server knew that the husband and wife were traveling abroad and were first-time guests of the hotel. She offered to accompany the husband and wife through the buffet to explain the different dishes and ingredients. The guests were relieved to have the dishes described to them and were excited to try many of the new and unique foods. After sampling many of the dishes, the wife told the Server that she particularly enjoyed the unique taste of the traditional dessert, Bika Banjar. The wife expressed to the Server how much she would love to be able to make the dish for her family back home, but after the wife searched on her phone, she could not seem to find a recipe. The Server knew how to make the traditional dish and happily explained the process to the wife.

The Server was pleased that the wife was enjoying many of the Indonesian dishes, and she wanted to do something extra for the wife to help her remember her culinary experience in Jakarta. Knowing the wife particularly enjoyed the Bika Banjar, the Server decided to send a taste of Indonesia back home with the guest. The Server stopped at a traditional Indonesian market that evening and found the specially designed baking pan used to form the dough for the dessert. She carefully wrapped the pan, and wrote the baking instructions in beautiful lettering on a keepsake recipe card.

On the last day of their stay, the Server presented both gifts to the husband and wife as a fond farewell. The wife was delighted and amazed at the gift and reviewed the recipe with the Server so she would know exactly how to make it once she returned home. The wife was truly ecstatic to have a piece of Indonesia to take home with her.

Exceptional Customer Service

To provide memorable customer service, your employees must take the time to genuinely engage with customers. They must uncover the unexpressed desires of the customers, and then, if you have empowered your employees, they can respond quickly and creatively. When your employees listen and respond, customers will feel sincerely cared for and will remember your exceptional customer service. 

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