Guest Story: Memorable Service

The Italian poet, Cesare Pavese, noted that: “We do not remember days; we remember moments.” Some milestones are especially memorable—like your wedding day, the arrival of your children or a special birthday. At The Ritz-Carlton, we often have the opportunity to help with these momentous occasions. The story below exemplifies how the Ladies and Gentlemen—the employees—of The Ritz-Carlton provide meaningful and memorable service.

An Owner at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Los Angeles was planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He wanted to plan a special, over-the-top proposal, and approached the Director of Residences for assistance. The Director of Residences was delighted to be involved in the planning of the surprise, and presented several ideas to the Owner. After walking through the suggestions, the Owner fell in love with The Director of Residences’ idea of proposing on the helipad at the top of The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Los Angeles. At a height of 676 feet, the helicopter landing strip provides unbelievable views of the Los Angeles skyline, San Bernardino Mountains, the Hollywood Hills and the Pacific Ocean—a perfect place for a romantic proposal.

The Director of Residences prepared all of the logistics. In order to get the girlfriend to the helipad without spoiling the surprise, The Director of Residences created and delivered a fake invitation to an “Owner’s Cocktail Reception” on the top of the building. On the day of the proposal, The Director of Residences solicited the help of the Residences’ houseman and team members from Safety and Security and Engineering to set up a special space on the helipad. They arranged furniture, hundreds of flowers and champagne, and even a rug with rose petals sewn into it saying: “I love you ―will you marry me?” In addition to setting the stage for the proposal on the helipad, The Director of Residences also hired a photographer and videographer to capture the special moment.

When the Owner proposed, the girlfriend immediately said “yes,” with tears of joy in her eyes. While the happy couple celebrated with champagne and enjoyed the magnificent view, The Director of Residences made arrangements for one more surprise. The Owner had flown in all of the girlfriend’s family from New York to surprise her and to celebrate their engagement, and they were waiting to surprise her in the Owner’s residence.

The Director of Residences sent the photographer and videographer down to the residence where they were able to capture the special moment when the girlfriend—now fiancée—realized her entire family was there to celebrate with her. After the reunion, the group enjoyed an excellent dinner together in the private dining room of the hotel restaurant, WP24. The next day, The Director of Residences delivered the video and photographs from the event to the delighted couple so they could remember the special proposal for a lifetime.

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