Etiquette & Engagement: Empathy

Imagine if every person acted like a lady or gentleman….

Etiquette Tip: Ladies and gentlemen are empathetic when serving others.

To empathize is to perceive the situation as the guest, patient or customer does. See it as they do, hear it as they do, feel it as they do and truly understand their experience. The light bulb is burned out, there is noise coming from the room next door, the heat is not working: we sincerely apologize as we know the frustration of not being able to see in a dark room, listen to a meeting when there’s a loud group next door or feel comfortable when it’s too cold. We empathize and because of this, we employ an earnest and understanding tone as we move forward to resolve your issue. We will replace the light bulb and repair the heat right away and leave a gracious note from our engineering team. We will manage the noise that hinders your productivity. We will do whatever it takes to fulfill our mission through true empathy with our guests. By showing empathy, our Ladies and Gentlemen deliver gracious and thoughtful service to each other and our guests and that drives customer and employee engagement. 

The motto of The Ritz-Carlton is “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” This motto sets a tone of goodwill and grace for all.