Teachable Moment: Gratitude for Donation


A college student donated online a small amount of money to a charity. After her credit card was processed, a web page popped up with a “thank you“ and a video. The video reiterated the charity’s gratitude for her donation and shared some of the highlights of its work around the world.


  • Whether customers spend $2 or $2 million, it’s important to thank them for their business. Your customers want to feel appreciated.
  • It’s never too late to “Wow” your customer. The charity had already received its donation and yet continued to engage the donor by sharing a video. By reinforcing the value of the donation, the charity helps build loyalty and return business.
  • The video made the college student feel good about her donation and also helped her feel as if she were part of something bigger. By showing the global reach of the organization, the college student could feel like her small gift would help change the world. In addition, the student felt more connected to the charity. At The Ritz-Carlton, we strive to “create Ritz-Carlton guests for life.” By connecting with your customer, you are building lasting customer relationships.