Teachable Moment: Sales Emails


A young woman is in the last year of her car lease and sends the car dealership an inquiry from their website. The car dealership does not respond to the woman’s question. However, the woman begins receiving scripted emails from the salesperson that leased her the car. The woman does not initially respond to these auto-generated emails, but in the third email, the salesperson asks if he’s hurt her feelings. Even though the email makes no sense, the woman responds and reiterates her initial question. She continues to receive generic emails and eventually unsubscribes altogether from the sales emails.


  • A customer coming to the end of a lease is going to need to do business with you again. You should be reinforcing and strengthening your relationship—not harassing the customer with generic emails. At The Ritz-Carlton, we focus on fostering loyalty and creating guests for life.
  • A past customer and a potential customer should not be treated the same way. Handling customer inquiries through an automated sales funnel will not meet your customers’ particular needs.
  • Trying to make scripted emails sound personal can be confusing to your customers and will also come across as insincere. The Credo of The Ritz-Carlton states, “the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission.” In order to build relationships with your customers, you must extend “genuine care.”