Significant Stat: Genuine Fundraising

Workplace Challenge

“Fundraisers who are paid to raise money for a charity they care about may be less effective than those that volunteer.” (source)

From The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center:

Salespeople are often motivated by financial incentives in order to make a sale. However, when it comes to fundraising, offering solicitors financial incentives may end up decreasing donation levels. A recent study found that donors tend to perceive solicitors who have financial incentives as “less sincere” and consequently, donors “contribute less as a result.” At The Ritz-Carlton, our employees—known as our Ladies and Gentlemen—strive to express “genuine care” for our customers. The word “genuine” is significant because customers will only engage and trust your organization when interactions feel “genuine.” Employees cannot go through the motions—force a smile, ask questions without listening to customers’ answers, or follow a carefully worded script—and expect to earn customer loyalty. Whether fundraising or crafting a memorable experience, sincerity will make a greater impact on your donors and customers.