Teachable Moment: Well-Being


A customer sits down at a nail salon station ready to relax and get a manicure. Although the technician is delightful, polite and proficient at the task of providing the spa service, she seems to be under the weather. She is coughing and the customer can hear her congestion as she breathes.


  • It’s one thing to be an excellent service provider, and another thing to know when it’s not a good time to be interacting with your customers. Do not come to work when you are sick to the degree that you may be contagious, distracting to colleagues or otherwise not at your best.
  • Sensory elements; e.g., what you hear, smell, etc., are important parts of memory encoding. What you give off is just as important as the service you provide—it’s a complete experience! At The Ritz-Carlton, our Credo promises an experience that “enlivens the senses” and “instills well-being,” and we must achieve this every day in a positive way.
  • Having a culture of teamwork and lateral service is absolutely essential to upholding your service commitment to your customers because sickness and other challenges happen. You and your colleagues should be able to rely upon each other to guarantee a consistent and excellent customer experience.