Customer Service Home Repair


The building staff needed to make a repair in a tenant’s apartment. Without any prior notification, a maintenance man knocked on the tenant’s door. The young tenant was in the middle of a work phone call, and put the call on mute while she asked if the maintenance man could come back at another time. He said he had a full schedule and this was the only time he had to fix the problem. She let the maintenance man come into her apartment to make the repair.


  • The tenant should have been notified prior to the maintenance man’s arrival or at least been given a time frame for the expected repair. This would have allowed the tenant the opportunity to plan appropriately.
  • An important part of service is making sure your customers are comfortable and feel safe. Allowing a stranger into your home is not always a comfortable experience for people. The woman might have preferred to be out of her apartment when the repair was made—rather than alone with a stranger.
  • Organizations should offer some flexibility and take the customer’s schedule into consideration. While not all schedules can be accommodated—the customer should not feel forced into a time frame that is clearly inconvenient.