Customer Service Print Vendor


A lady had been working with a printer for several years. She needed a program printed for her dad’s memorial service and she knew this printer would do a lovely job. However, she also knew that this project was a much smaller job than he typically took on, and it was also a very tight turnaround time. She told the printer she understood if he was busy and if it didn’t fit in his schedule, but he graciously agreed to print the program. Not only was he willing to help, he also fixed the photos in the program, printed the program on special paper, and delivered the program to the lady’s workplace. The programs looked amazing and the lady was grateful and thrilled! But then the printer took it one step further. He refused to let the lady pay for his work. He insisted that she accept his work as a gift, and he explained that not only is kindness in the workplace the right thing to do, but it has also led to more work for his company.


  • The printer could have refused the job or treated her as another transaction. However, he took the opportunity to show genuine care during a difficult time for his customer.
  • While the printer expressed that kindness is part of his business strategy, he also recognized that kindness has a way of coming back to you. It can lead to loyalty and referrals.
  • Relationships with vendors and other service providers are more likely to last if the vendors are responsive and produce quality work.