Professional Behavior

The Ritz-Carlton Perspective

Customers see employees as representatives of your company. Their manners, style and attitudes reflect on your brand.

DOs and DON’Ts of Professional Behavior

  • DO consider having a dress code. Dress codes ensure greater consistency and can help employees understand what fashion standards best represent your brand.
  • DON’T institute dress codes that are illogical or unenforceable. For example, employees who work in tropical climates should not be forced to wear turtlenecks because employees in Alaska wear turtlenecks. Also, if employees are not held accountable for breaking your dress code, then your standards will become meaningless.
  • DO provide approved and appropriate language for employees who are interacting with customers. Standardized verbiage will help your organization maintain a tone befitting of your brand.
  • DON’T overscript your employees. If employees must follow a script to the letter, they will sound robotic and insincere.
  • DO train employees on the preferred methods of customer engagement in order to ensure that their actions are in line with your brand.
  • DON’T expect employees to fulfill your brand’s expectations for service if you do not provide employees with training and/or written service standards.