Restaurant Customer Experience


A family returned to dine at a chain restaurant that had recently changed its menu. The menu had fewer choices, but all the dishes were made from scratch. One person in their party told the waiter about her food allergies. After the family ordered, the head chef came over to their table. He talked to the diner about her food allergies and he wrote down her restrictions. The family was very impressed with the personalized service, and throughout the evening, they noticed the head chef visiting other tables as well. Although they hadn’t eaten at the establishment in a while, they decided to make the restaurant their new family gathering spot.


  • Customers with allergies often have concerns that the kitchen will not follow through on their dietary restrictions. By having the chef visit the table and write down the particulars, the chef and the restaurant earned the trust of the customers.
  • The customers felt cared for, and they noticed that other customers were receiving personalized service as well. By seeing this consistency of service, they were encouraged to patronize the restaurant more frequently.
  • The smaller menu with an improved product combined with attentive service earned the restaurant customer loyalty.