Customer Experience: Cosmetics Boutique


A holiday partygoer rushed straight from her corporate office to her gym, to change out of her suit and into a cocktail dress. While changing, she realized she left her cosmetics bag at home. A quick time check made her realize that if she was swift, she should be able to run across the street to a high-end cosmetics boutique and then catch a cab to her party.

She dashed across the busy street and into the boutique, hoping to quickly pick out a few products. While the boutique had a number of sample products out to test colors, she was having trouble finding the actual unopened products for purchase. No one had greeted her when she entered and no one was helping her now. She noticed two sales associates chatting with each other in the corner, and as there were no other customers in the store, she walked over and asked if one of them could please assist her. There was a noticeable pause in the conversation between the two associates, and the one of them visibly rolled her eyes. They both turned to the partygoer and told her to please wait a minute and then one of them would assist her.

The partygoer was stunned at this reaction and promptly walked out of the store. She was annoyed at how she had been treated at the boutique and also upset that the time she wasted prevented her from stopping by another store to buy makeup. She went to the party sans makeup and felt very self-conscious the whole night. She made a point of explaining what happened to her female friends at the party.

Customer Service Takeaways

  • It is important to always give your customers a warm greeting when they enter your establishment. This helps them feel welcomed and also gives you the opportunity to assess their needs.
  • Body language speaks volumes to your customers. Even if your words are polite, body language that could be perceived as rude, such as eye-rolling, is offensive to customers.
  • Even a small negative interaction can impact a customer’s day. And when this happens, the dissatisfied customer is very likely to complain about it to their network.