Transform Customer Problems Into Opportunities

Significant Stat

73% of customers repurchase if they are very satisfied by their problem resolution experience.

Even in a highly-engaged organization, customer problems will always occur. Sometimes we may have control over preventing these problems but oftentimes, they happen outside our control. What we can control, is our service recovery strategy. And the good news is that we can increase customer engagement, even when problems do occur.

Looking at a problem as a business opportunity isn’t just being optimistic – it’s the truth.

When an organization handles a customer problem effectively, customer engagement can actually increase and become higher than it was before the problem occurred. Thus, a customer with medium engagement could become highly-engaged if your organization was able to provide excellent service recovery. Of course, the converse is true: poor service recovery and problem resolution are much more damaging to customer engagement than the actual customer problem. Customers understand that problems will occur, but they are less understanding when your organization struggles to resolve the problem.

Problem resolution and service recovery are strategies best planned in advance.

Planning and sharing your organization’s strategies to handle customer problems will ensure that every problem then becomes an opportunity to increase engagement. One important component of your strategy must include minimizing the number of employees with which a customer must interact while on the problem resolution journey.

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