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“Shareable Moments On Social Drive Sales,” by Deborah Weinswig, Forbes, July 2018
Synopsis: Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center VP Antonia Hock shares how anticipatory services and wow moments lead to great experiences and customer loyalty.

“Creating Value Through Meaningful Experiences: How Volkswagen Australia Wins Customers And Earns Their Loyalty,” Forbes, May 2018
Synopsis: Jason Bradshaw, Chief Customer Officer of Volkswagen Australia, articulates his organization’s approach to customer experience and discusses their “experience-immersion” trips with The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

“How The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Uses Employee Engagement To Drive Customer Experience,” by Bryan Borzykowski, Forbes, May 2018
Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center VP, Antonia Hock, and Sr. Dir., Jeff Hargett discuss The Ritz-Carlton philosophy and approach to achieving exceptional customer experience.

“The 2017 Sotheby’s International Realty® Global Networking Event,” by Erik Weinbrecht, Sotheby’s International Realty Extraordinary Living Blog, October 2017
Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center takes the stage at the 2017 Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Event.

“Is the Customer Really Always Right? A Hotel Company Invests in its Employees First,” by Dawn Bailey, Blogrige The Official Baldrige Blog, July 2017
Synopsis: What if the customer isn’t always right?

“The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Welcomes Antonia Hock as New Vice President,” from The Ritz-Carlton News Room on May 2016
Synopsis: Announcement about the new Vice President of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and her goal to expand The Leadership Center into a world-renowned advisory, consulting and executive training powerhouse.

“Building a Culture of Engagement as the Foundation for Patient Experience: On the Road – Keck Medicine of USC,” from The Beryl Institute posted by Stacy Palmer on March 2016
Synopsis: Shares how Keck Medicine of USC transformed its organizational culture to encompass a committed focus on employee engagement and patient experience.

“Top 100 Leadership Blogs on the Web,” from Feedspot posted by Anuj Agarwal in March 2016
Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s blog earns spot on Top 100 leadership blogs.

“What Steve Jobs Stole From Ritz-Carlton (and You Should Steal From Apple),” from Inc. written by Micah Solomon in June 2015
Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton inspired Apple’s Genius Bar.

“Devils check in with Ritz: Ritz-Carlton helps team improve customer service,” by Don Muret, Street & Smiths Sports Business Journal, August 2014
Synopsis: Ritz-Carlton shared best practices with more than 500 people tied to game-day operations at the Newark arena, including team executives.

“Roll Out the Blue Carpet How Ritz-Carlton can teach you to serve your customers better,” by Duff McDonald, CNN, May 2014
Synopsis: Inside look at The Ritz-Carlton culture and best practices that power the brand’s commitment to service excellence.

“Interview: How Ritz-Carlton Sells Its Service Expertise Outside of Travel,” by Greg Oates, Skift, April 2014
Synopsis: Ritz-Carlton is sharing best practices with corporate America and adapting those to Millennial behavioral trends.

“How to get the most mileage out of your employees,” by Eric Barton, BBC, August 2013
Synopsis: Cultivating more committed employees through working with goals.

“Taking Cue from Ritz-Carlton’s Customer Service,” by Kelly Kearsley, The Wall Street Journal, March 2013
Synopsis: The president of BKD Wealth Advisors shares how his firm put the principles of The Ritz-Carlton into practice and how the results have positively impacted its business.

“How the Ritz-Carlton Inspired the Apple Store,” from Forbes April 10, 2012
Synopsis: Author Carmine Gallo explores how Apple has benchmarked The Ritz-Carlton.