There have been innumerable articles, posts, and videos about customer service at The Ritz-Carlton and the teachings at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. Some of the most recent publications are listed below. If you would like to stay up-to-date about news regarding The Leadership Center, you are welcome to subscribe to the Gold Minds blog, follow us on Twitter, or become a part of our LinkedIn discussion groups. We would be happy to have you participate in our online conversations.

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“The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Welcomes Antonia Hock as New Vice President,” from The Ritz-Carlton News Room on May 2016
Synopsis: Announcement about the new Vice President of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and her goal to expand The Leadership Center into a world-renowned advisory, consulting and executive training powerhouse.

“Building a Culture of Engagement as the Foundation for Patient Experience: On the Road – Keck Medicine of USC,” from The Beryl Institute posted by Stacy Palmer on March 2016
Synopsis: Shares how Keck Medicine of USC transformed its organizational culture to encompass a committed focus on employee engagement and patient experience.

“The Bokka Group Brings The Ritz-Carlton to Home Building,” April 11, 2016
Synopsis: The Bokka Group brings applies the best practices of The Ritz-Carlton to the home building industry.

“Top 100 Leadership Blogs on the Web,” from Feedspot posted by Anuj Agarwal on March 31, 2016
Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s blog earns spot on Top 100 leadership blogs.

“Putting on The Ritz,” by Diana Oreck, ABA Bank Marketing and Sales, July/August 2015
Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Former VP Diana Oreck discusses how banks can extend legendary customer service.

“Service, Please: Putting on The Ritz,” by Kathy Passero, Footwear Plus, March 2015
Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Former VP Diana Oreck shares a simple plan for putting those fabled service principles to work in your store.

“The Consumer Connection: Four Helping Hands,” by Erinn Morgan, Eyecare Business, March 2015
Synopsis: Customer service expert Joseph Quitoni of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center points to key ways of bonding with your customers.

“The Concept of Creating Unique, Memorable and Personal Experiences is Timeless in Legendary Service,” by Diana Oreck, Coaching the Conversation Newsletter for St. Meyer & Hubbard, January 2015
Synopsis: Diana Oreck, The Former Vice President of The Leadership Center, shares the secret to extending legendary service in 2015.

“The Most Important Voices in Employee Engagement,” by Jenna Puckett, TechnologyAdvice, December 2014
Synopsis: Diana Oreck, The Former Vice President of The Leadership Center, is included on this list of ten thought leaders in Employee Engagement.

“The Top 13 Thought Leaders in Employee Engagement,” by Darryl Feldman, Vignette Blog, July 2014
Synopsis: Diana Oreck, The Former Vice President of The Leadership Center, is included on this list of the Top 13 thought leaders in Employee Engagement.

“Jeff Hargett Director, Culture Transformation at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership,” podcast interview by Dr. John O’Keefe, Blog Talk Radio, July 2014
Synopsis: Jeff shares expert knowledge and first-hand experiences of customer service, customer experience, leadership development, and culture transformation.

“Episode 218: Events At Your Service,” Google+ Hangout interview by Lindsey Rosenthal and Brandt Krueger, Event Alley Show, May 2014
Synopsis: A talk about customer service values, The Ritz-Carlton mantra, and how understanding a few vital tenets of hospitality will strengthen your events.

“Secrets of The Ritz-Carlton’s ‘Legendary’ Customer Service,” by Justin Hoffman, PSA Perspective, May 2014
Synopsis: Summary of Legendary Service talk by Joe Quitoni, Corporate Director of Culture Transformation with The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

“An Interview with Diana Oreck, Vice President of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center,” by Barak Hirschowitz,Luxury Hotelier magazine, May 2014
Synopsis: Diana Oreck shares her view on customer service, culture, The Ritz-Carlton, and The Leadership Center.

“Interview: How Ritz-Carlton Sells Its Service Expertise Outside of Travel,” by Greg Oates, Skift, April 2014
Synopsis: Ritz-Carlton is sharing best practices with corporate America and adapting those to Millennial behavioral trends.

“Secrets Revealed: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. Shares its Secrets to Exceptional Customer Service Through The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center,” The Wall Street Journal via PRNewswire, April 2014
Synopsis: Press Release about The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

“How to get the most mileage out of your employees,” by Eric Barton, BBC, August 2013
Synopsis: Cultivating more committed employees through working with goals.

“How to Implement a Ritz-Carlton Level of Service in Your Hotel,” by Holly Regan, Software Advice, July 2013
Synopsis: Interview with Kelly Steward, General Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland.

“’Loyalize’ Customers by Remembering Their Needs,” by Don Peppers, LinkedIn, May 2013
Synopsis: The Founding Partner of Peppers & Rogers Group at TeleTech uses his experience at The Ritz-Carlton as an example of how to create customer loyalty.

“Taking Cue from Ritz-Carlton’s Customer Service,” by Kelly Kearsley, The Wall Street Journal, March 2013
Synopsis: The president of BKD Wealth Advisors shares how his firm put the principles of The Ritz-Carlton into practice and how the results have positively impacted its business.