Customer Testimonials

Organizations from a variety of industries benefit from benchmarking The Ritz-Carlton and learning from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. Below are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received from past customers.

Intermediate School District


The Ritz-Carlton Training was full of intentional efforts that do not require extreme time or resources yet the results are very impactful for our staff and customers. Our leadership team experienced two days of rejuvenation, refocused thinking and a renewed readiness to serve! I would highly recommend the training for an organization, large or small, that really wants to be their best.

Hospital for Special Surgery

Thank you for a fantastic seminar this week on Memorable Customer Service. It was so validating for all my efforts within the physician referral department at Hospital for Special Surgery. There were quite a few takeaway moments for me. I loved the “1 degree of added push!”; the discussion about always being “ON” so you never have to think about it. And most importantly, for our department to look at ourselves as “Ladies and Gentlemen providing referrals to Ladies and Gentlemen.” I also noticed that every Ritz-Carlton employee possesses a level of sophistication and gentle passion! Using this knowledge, we (as a group) are actively building a customer service plan for our department. We have never had an established written plan in the past, and with a lot of coaching and training, the department will be accountable to the standard that we all set in place. It’s a feeling of confidence to know we will be based on best practices from The Ritz-Carlton—from hiring standards through memorable customer service! The seminar was definitely worth my time and money, and I am excited to elevate our customer service standards to the same level as The Ritz-Carlton.

Talon Air, Inc.

Thank you for the amazing experience I had in the class. It was a pleasure being at the Ritz Carlton from the second I walked in until the second I walked out. I am glad to say that I will take all the stories, lessons, and values of the importance of proper customer service to heart and will always have this class as a reference to use in the future.

Chauffeur Driven Trade Show & Conference

The Ritz-Carlton presentation was by far the most beneficial.

Chauffeur Driven Trade Show & Conference

The Ritz-Carlton seminar might be the best business seminar that I have ever attended.

Gulfshore Insurance

The Radar On-Antenna Up program was exactly what our company needed to get reenergized. Our brand commitment is “to deliver a consistently impeccable experience” and this training helped our staff truly realize the potential of service to others. Through Jeff Hargett’s wonderful story telling, we learned how The Ritz-Carlton strives to create an outstanding experience that their guests will remember fondly. He had our staff’s rapt attention through the entire session. The staff left the session with a strengthened desire to make a difference; to create their own customer-focused “Wow” moments. This was truly an investment in our people, the ones who have the power to create a lasting impression with our clients. Our company has since implemented a few Ritz-Carlton standards of our own; for example, we now have our own version of line-ups, we have created and named our own credo card, and have started recognizing our staff for creating unique, memorable and personal experiences for our clients. The Gulfshore Insurance team’s feedback was phenomenal, the feeling leaving the session was pure excitement. Thank you for the inspiration!

Abundant Life Christian Center

As a religious organization we fall into an unusual class of customer service. How we treat people, often forms or impacts their core belief about God and whether He truly cares about them or not. The closest related industry to us, in terms of service to people, is the hospitality industry. We immediately thought of The Ritz Carlton, when we determined that we needed to elevate our standard of customer service to a new level in order to reflect authentic care and compassion in our vastly diverse environment. The Ritz Carlton is a gold standard world wide, and their training did not come short of our expectations. In fact, we were blown away by both the excellent training experience as well as the wealth of practical knowledge we gained. Our teams immediately began to institute the Daily Lineup and Team Huddle. Our events and service environments have been forever changed as people remember simple core values like, ‘Radar on, antennae up!’ True culture change always comes at a price and is a process to implement. We are delighted with the progress we have made in positively guiding our organization through this process with the help of our new friends from the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center. We consider this training experience to be incendiary, sustainable and replicable in every team that serves in our ministry. Already, we are seeing a monumental shift in the energy and depth of relationship with our serving members, friends and guests. Just a short three months later, we consider this decision to be one of the best investments we have made in our 24 years of working with people. Like a stone carefully and deliberately tossed into a pond, we expect to see the ripple effect of this investment for years to come. Thank you, Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, for demonstrating each of our own core values – to us!

Tire & Service

The Ritz Carlton training that my management team and myself went through was fantastic! We developed our own version of the motto, credo card, and line up in our first phase. We were so impressed we had them work with us two additional times after the first session. Definitely worth the investment!

Impact Partnership

I enjoyed participating in the Executive Leadership Series with The Ritz-Carlton. It reinvigorated principles within me that I took back to my company and implemented immediately. The way the program was designed gave a very high level, yet detailed overview of how a company works all facets of the business together to deliver world-class service. An environment was created where I was able to assess my company end to end and learned quite a few new things that will directly impact our bottom line. The program was inspiring, engaging and filled with meaningful actionable material. This class truly took my perspective and understanding of success to a new level.

American Manhasset

Luxury Retail
The Ritz Carton Executive Education Series is FIRST CLASS! A wealth of information and inspiration was gathered during your exceptional seminar. To experience and witness employee engagement at every level from your front lines, to your back of house operations, to your executive management team was truly impressive. We left your series energized and ready to move forward with a plan of action for which several tasks have been accomplished already! Looking forward to working with Ritz Carlton in the future.

Dr. Saam Zarrabi

Being a health care provider, the service we provide is of the highest importance to our patients, employees and reputation. The leadership team puts on a tremendously inspiring 4 days in which we learned and experience something different everyday. With a true passion and dedication to excellence you’re put in an environment amongst companies from all industries and challenged to really dig deep into creating a culture and energy that is sustainable beyond generations. A remarkable 4 days of high energy, insightful and realistic approach to modern leadership. Everything you would expect and more. They truly give you the “Wow” experience. I recommend highly!

Susquehanna Bancshares

Our organization has five strategic imperatives for the next three years, one of which focuses on the customer experience and another on employee engagement. With the challenge that lies before us of leading our organization through the change required to be successful with these strategies, three of us attended the four day Executive Education Series. Knowing The Ritz-Carlton’s reputation for a superior guest experience, we anticipated the training would be high quality, but the comprehensive nature of the seminar was beyond our expectations. We covered so much ground in four days—from strategy, to alignment, to employee engagement, to leadership, to the processes behind their world class service, to practical ways to implement—it was wide-ranging, thought provoking, inspiring, fun, and extremely useful. We also got to see several of their processes in action, which was helpful for determining applicability. We have each taken specific teachings from the seminar and have either implemented or are working to do so. Thank you to The Leadership Center for their energy, insight, and commitment to a world-class experience.

Swedish Medical Group

We had invested a lot into understanding who we are and what our organization is about. But it is one thing to know that and another to know what to do with it. The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center showed us how to effectively implement strategies to improve leadership, employee engagement and customer experience. The course was a perfect pace of discussion, theory and easy to apply tricks. The instructor was wonderful at engaging the group in a way that made it a valuable workshop and retreat instead of another lecture of things to do. It was very beneficial to apply and work out real-life examples with leaders from a wide range of industries. I was so energized after the course that I worked out some changes on the plane ride home and implemented immediately when I returned. Within a week, I could already see meaningful change.

Anesthesia Services, P.A.

The Fire Within’ course gave me tools on how to ignite the passion within my employees so that we can all achieve excellence together. It ignited my passion to strive for excellence while going above and beyond my function. To help my company strive to be the best you have to start at the bottom and this course provide me the tools to build a strong, deep foundation in which to grow. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me in just one day. The impact will go on for many more.


Health & Fitness
I couldn’t be more delighted. We’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone who attended. You inspired and energized the entire audience in powerful way, and I have no doubt they began implementing your suggestions the moment they walked out the door. Your message, pace, tone, and interaction were absolutely spot-on. I’m fairly certain the crowd would have stayed with you for the rest of the day if we’d let them!

Rackspace Hosting

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and courses were a great experience for me. From the first interaction during signing up for the courses to the welcoming feeling and extremely engaging staff once onsite. I attended most of the Leadership Centers courses starting with “Service Excellence Culture” which for me helped me understand the Ritz Carlton culture and core values and gave me insight into how The Ritz-Carlton has been able to continue to lead the way in customer service with extremely high employee engagement for many years. Rackspace Hosting has and continues today to try to emulate companies like The Ritz-Carlton, to help us provide the high levels of customer satisfaction that we do and to see this in action and how The Ritz-Carlton has such deep-rooted core values and high employee engagement quite frankly amazed me. I continued on with ‘Memorable Customer Service’ which gave me even more insight than I had into what you need to do to not only take care of customers and create the ‘wow’ experience but to go beyond that. It’s less about getting a request and fulfilling it and so much more about trying to figure out what that request might be before it has even been asked for. This course helps you understand what to look for and how to look for it. I would recommend this if you feel you already have an idea of great customer service but want to take it to the next level. I was able to take parts of this course and work with our Rackers to help them continue to provide ‘Fanatical Support’ and strive to deliver the world class service that The Ritz-Carlton offers its guests every day.

Frost & Sullivan

Advisors on Growth Solutions
The audience just loved your stories and insight, and the presentation could not have gone better. Everyone in the audience was thrilled by the amount of practical take-home strategies to improve customer experience:
  • High energy, touching and “Gasp” worthy stories—enjoying & practical advice
  • Great examples to deliver world class service
  • Great info. Went away with actuals that I could implement
  • Great speaker. Relevant content. Love her energy & ideas… Captivating!
  • My radar is now on and the antenna will never go down again”

The Botsford Financial Group

I do not exaggerate when I say sending my employee to your training was by far the best money I have ever spent on my firm. The training was so impactful to my employee that she immediately came back and implemented a daily ‘line up’ in our business. Reluctant at first, I have witnessed a complete transformation in our team where they each enjoy participating in some element of the line up; they can’t wait to share their favorite service model; they can’t wait to share a “wow” story from the day before; they are working laterally to help each other, and ultimately our clients and prospects are benefitting greatly, which is the true test of any new initiative. It has simply been remarkable. Today was our 22nd day of line ups! We have officially made it a habit and it has been, without exaggerating at all, it is the best habit we have implemented in the twenty five years I have been founder and CEO of my firm! I only wish I had heard about it earlier! Keep up the good work!

Catholic Health Association

We were pleased to have the opportunity to learn from an organization of the caliber of The Ritz-Carlton. Our speaker was vivacious and enlightening! He kept our group’s attention for the four hours we engaged him to instruct the Service Excellence Culture and Memorable Customer Service programs. The training was several months ago and our group still references the stories and insights the speaker shared in exploring the key concepts around excellent customer service. The Ritz-Carlton programs were a solid foundation for our organization’s ongoing efforts around providing exceptional customer service.

Kenwood Therapeutics, a division of Bradley Pharmaceuticals

In our industry, we continually face stiff competition and unique challenges every day. In any given day, a pharmaceutical representative will face highly educated customers with a demand for service and knowledge. At Bradley Pharmaceuticals, we pride ourselves on finding ways to continually provide unique customer service while delivering clinically useful products that impact a patient’s quality of life. After The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center presentation, we now go beyond that to find ways to deliver the Bradley Pharmaceutical experience, and form long-lasting bonds with our customers. The presentation provided a cohesive set of principles that any sales representative, district manager, or front-end receptionist should use when interacting with their customers. Everyone is a representative of the company, and should feel proud of being part of the team that delivers a unique, long-lasting and ultimately gratifying customer experience. We at Bradley have not only utilized these ideas in our dealings with our customers, but our interactions with each other as well. The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center presentation truly has helped us to further stand out among our competition and in the eyes of our customers.

First Horizons National Corporation

Your talk was very engaging and hit the right note with our team regarding service excellence. Several of your ideas and quotes were brought up multiple times after your talk as our employees gathered together to discuss our differentiated customer service and corporate culture. Many of the service values of Ritz-Carlton and our own values as First Horizon are very similar and your talk reminded our employees how we can be the best at serving our customers, one opportunity at a time.

BMO Nesbitt Burns

Our leadership team found the ‘Service Excellence Culture’ presentation by the Ritz-Carlton valuable and insightful. As an organization focused on building exceptional client relationships, we could relate with the Ritz-Carlton Vision, Mission and Key Success Factors. Thank you for an enlightening presentation that we can practically apply to our own business.


When we first thought of great companies who put ‘service’ at the core of their behaviors, we immediately thought of the Ritz-Carlton. When we learned that you offered a program to share your learnings with other organizations, we felt it would be a perfect fit for what I’m trying to do with our global HR team at AbbVie. And the best part is that I never could have imagined how strong of an impact that you could have had over a two-hour seminar. You did an absolutely fantastic job of engaging our audience. They were buzzing for the rest of the summit about you, your core service values, and the opportunity that we have to use service as a cornerstone to our culture with HR.

Rollins Family Dental Center

I have been practicing dentistry for 34 years and I highly value continuing education for myself as well as for my staff. I have been to many practice management courses and have attended numerous motivational presentations. I was a bit skeptical prior to attending Memorable Customer Service, and I hoped, at best, for an enjoyable day for my staff to relax and enjoy. Memorable Customer Service was one of the very best I have ever attended. I am still asking myself and our staff: Is it easy to business with us? I am still reminding myself and our staff to ‘Make the patients feel good.’ Not a day goes by that I do not forget to take care of the children that our patients have in tow as they will be the reason that the family returns. Thank you for reminding us of these valuable lessons.

MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center

Creating a culture of service excellence is a journey. The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center launched and framed the journey for us. The Leadership Center set clear goals with us and helped us collaboratively establish a vision of where we’re taking the organization. We’ve been on the journey for two to three years now, and since working with The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, we have seen notable and measurable improvement in our patient’s experience.


Grocery StoreRetail
The leadership teams throughout our organization – from store department managers through our executive team – were inspired by the “Radar On, Antenna Up” presentation. It perfectly fit our leadership summit’s theme and our goals for taking customer satisfaction to new heights. It renewed our energy and focus on building emotional connections with our customers and how every associate is empowered to make a difference in our customers’ lives every day. Thank you for sharing the practical, impactful presentation … Our leaders and associates are not only talking differently, they’ve been inspired to act differently, as well!