Achieve measurable business results by working with us to transform your organizational culture
Advisory Services is a customized consulting service to initiate, implement, and foster an organizational culture that will drive both employee and customer engagement, whether that is a new culture or a refinement of an existing culture. Our Practice Directors will take you on a strategic journey, beginning with a culture audit and ending with practical strategies and best practices to continue to grow your organization’s culture, processes, and capabilities. Our services are customized for each client, to best unlock each organization’s potential and still retain its individuality.


We utilize four phases in Advisory Services: Discovery, Employee Engagement, Customer Engagement, and Continuous Improvement. This methodology will intuitively move you through a transformation process that allows for effective change management principles.


The Discovery Phase is a critical first step in assessing your organization’s objectives, goals, challenges, and priorities. It will also best prepare your entire organization for the culture innovation and implementation process. During this phase, our Practice Directors will work with your leadership team to observe and analyze your organization, including conducting extensive focus groups throughout your organization and facilitating a leadership immersion, to ensure alignment to the new culture adoption. This qualitative and quantitative process will allow the Practice Directors to develop a comprehensive report on your organization, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges to implementation, and skill gaps. This report will also contain detailed steps for an implementation plan that will best align all levels of the organization to the culture transformation.

Employee Engagement

To foster and maintain a new organizational culture, all employees must be actively engaged in both creation and implementation. From the onset of this phase, your employees will be invested drivers in designing and creating the new culture. By safeguarding the individuality of the organization while recognizing and reconciling the strategic gaps, a powerful, aspirational foundation for your new culture will be established. Involvement throughout the process will ensure all employees understand the individual roles that they play in creating and sustaining the new culture, including how their daily functional roles may change. To ensure this level of individual engagement and understanding, the organization will engage in a series of culture engagements.

Customer Engagement

Once the organization has adopted the new culture and behavioral changes are evident, the strategic focus shifts to driving customer engagement and creating a consistently exceptional customer experience. This level of service will drive organizational success and be seen as a key differentiator in your industry. By analyzing your customer journey and through process improvement strategies, our Practice Directors will facilitate how to create curated, anticipatory experiences, efficiently resolve customer problems, and drive loyalty. During this phase, the Practice Directors will equip you with the resources and processes for consistent delivery of customer experience excellence in every interaction. To further drive employee ownership and refine the process of providing personalized, anticipatory service, there is also an opportunity to engage employees in a service excellence facilitation.

Continuous Improvement

Once culture has been established, a robust sustainability plan will ensure the further development and success of your culture transformation. The evolution and development of culture must be supported through engaged leadership, corporate driven initiatives, and innovation, and our Practice Directors will provide best practices and strategies for these recommended actions. At this junction, a reassessment will also be provided to measure the level of culture adoption. To provide the opportunity for system-wide continuous improvement, our Practice Directors will work with your organization’s leaders in both trait development and strategic planning.