How can The Leadership Center assist you?

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The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center® offers Advisory Services to organizations that wish to create or refine specific aspects of a service excellence culture. Through observation, focus groups and meetings, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center will perform a cultural audit of your organization. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation that will serve to validate your strengths and uncover some of the challenges for your organization. We will also discuss strategies, tactics and possible next steps.

If your organization needs to create, develop and sustain organizational culture, we will recommend participating in our entire multi-step culture transformation process. Or you may focus your efforts on improving only select systems such as:

  • Enlivening a culture that is already in place
  • Increasing customer service levels through employee empowerment and problem resolution
  • Improving your onboarding process

Why should your company care about culture?

The values, vision and mission of your organization must be known and owned by everyone every day. Your corporate culture:

  • Impacts hiring and employee retention
  • Sets the tone of your work environment
  • Defines the performance standards for your employees

How does culture impact employee engagement?

Culture is the compass that points employees toward greater commitment with your organization. Employees who see a bigger picture will feel connected to a greater purpose within your organization. Consequently, they bring more passion to the workplace and volunteer their best every day.

What are the benefits of employee engagement?

The 2013 State of the American Workplace report from Gallup states that “[Engaged employees] are 100% psychologically committed to their work. And, they are the only people in an organization who create new customers.”

How do engaged employees create engaged customers?

Unless your employees are engaged and passionate advocates of your brand, your customers will not be either. You know you have engaged employees when they extend care, concern and respect to your customers. The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center will share how engaged employees lead to engaged customers and that can lead to increased profits.

What outcomes can you expect?

Depending on your dedication and follow-through, you can expect the following results:

  • Increased employee engagement that reduces employee turnover and absenteeism
  • Better customer service and improved customer engagement that inspires customer loyalty
  • Increased profitability