Back to Basics: Ritz-Carlton Style

When should your customers receive excellent service? Always. This is the most important word in service. No matter how long employees have worked in the service industry, they can always benefit by going back to the basics. Your employees must be experts in the fundamentals of customer service—offering genuine, caring service consistently. This highly interactive program focuses on The Ritz-Carlton five golden rules as well as the essential components of customer service. Every customer interaction impacts your brand, and each employee can help move your organization down the path of service excellence.

Presentation Highlights

By reviewing the most important skills of customer service, you will be prepared to consistently meet the expectations of your customers. You will be introduced to The Ritz-Carlton road map for:

  • Practicing etiquette, civility and manners to promote a positive and engaged environment for customers and colleagues
  • Determining when to apply extra effort in order to create personalized service
  • Accepting personal accountability and responsibility for the success of your team
  • Understanding how your appearance and communication skills impact your organization’s brand
  • Embracing safety, conservation, and cleanliness to create a hygienic and accident-free workplace

Formats and Pricing

Format Location Duration Date Pricing
Speaking Engagements Your Choice Two or Three Consecutive Hours Your Choice (Subject to Availability) Request Pricing

Audience for Customer Service Reenergized

For employees at all levels responsible for customer service.