The Ritz-Carlton Journey includes all of our core courses and embraces every member of your organization. By experiencing each course in the sequence below, your team will receive the best understanding of The Ritz-Carlton business practices and how to apply them to your organization. Each course provides your organization with proven techniques and strategies that can help increase employee engagement and create a customer-centric culture that inspires brand loyalty.

Here is the recommended itinerary for your The Ritz-Carlton journey:

  1. Service Excellence Culture – Learn about The Ritz-Carlton business practice and core values and how these impact organizational culture, employee engagement, and service excellence.
  2. Customer Service Reenergized – Your employees must understand and execute the basics of service delivery flawlessly before customers will become emotionally engaged with your brand.
  3. Memorable Customer Service – Now you are ready to take your service excellence to a higher level and experience how to surprise and delight customers and create unique, memorable, and personal service.
  4. Leadership & Employee Engagement – This leadership course focuses on the skills needed to cultivate trust from your staff and foster better employee engagement.
  5. Motivating Employees – This final course will help leaders ignite and sustain employees’ passion for service excellence.