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Is your organization interested in learning how to:

  • improve your customer experience
  • boost employee engagement
  • discover how leadership can earn trust
  • create a customer-centric culture

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center can arrange for a compelling and informative speaker for your next meeting, event, or conference—at any location you choose. You tell us what your goals are, and we will work with you to select a program that meets your needs. Or you are welcome to review our offerings, and select the program that you feel would work best for your organization.

Engagements are available in a variety of lengths including keynotes (up to two consecutive hours), three-hour, or six-hour formats.

Your Advisor

The passionate and knowledgeable advisors and consultants from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center are experts in service excellence and culture transformation. They have years of experience working for The Ritz-Carlton, but more importantly, they have experience applying the best practices of The Ritz-Carlton to organizations from all industries.

They have led training sessions, spoken at conferences, and given keynotes to audiences around the world. Their presentations are practical and memorable because they share stories that exemplify how to apply the principles of The Ritz-Carlton to your organization.

Recent Feedback

“This presentation should be mandatory for every employee. There are many situations where these everyday interactions with clients are not utilized. It really challenges you to raise the bar higher.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I left with great ideas for improvement to the service we provide our clients and also the people we work with everyday.”

“The speaker was entertaining, had great examples, was well prepared, and had something relevant to provide us as client-facing associates.”

“The keynote speaker’s humor intermingled with the presentation kept us alert and tuned in to what he was saying. I could have continued listening for hours more.”