5 Lifestyle Tweaks to Improve Your Well-Being

  • October 15, 2020

This content is an excerpt from a recent Thrive Global Interview with Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s Global Head, Antonia Hock. To read the full interview, click here.

Start the day with reflection & intention

Take 10 minutes to sit, focus only on yourself and your own mind. Reflect on what is challenging you, let feelings go from yesterday or anything that surfaced in the morning, and set your intentions for the day. This time should not be spent on to-do lists, what you need to do for others, or what projects you need to complete. This time is all about clearing your mind of clutter, reflecting on what you personally want to feel on that day, and how you intend to act throughout the day as a reflection of what you stand for and who you are.

Make time every day to challenge your body

I believe that everyone should find a form of movement for 30–60 minutes every single day. Ideally, this will be something that involves some resistance work or weight lifting in addition to cardiovascular engagement. Human bodies were built to move, and the healthy benefits are undisputable. Find something you love and break a sweat. Rock climb, surf, powerlift, run, hike, do yoga!

During the day, examine feelings when they happen

Don’t just experience feelings without reflection. When you feel any extreme emotion: anger, irritation, or elation, step back from that feeling for a moment, take yourself out of the experience, and think about what is driving it — get to the root by being honest with yourself. If it’s a negative feeling — do you really need to feel it for any longer? Can you just acknowledge it, release it, and move on? I love the Winston Churchill quote, “You’ll never reach your destination if you stop and throw rocks at every dog that barks.” Think about your feelings through this lens — Are they helpful? Are they getting you to what you want for yourself?

Be intentional with food 

What you put into your body will ultimately impact everything about you: your weight, your immunity, your gym performance, your mental capability, your emotions — even things like your skin and hair. Being thoughtful about what you allow into your body can set you up for success in so many other parts of your life. We all know that food has incredible power, but many people still eat mindlessly, for pure pleasure, or out of boredom, anxiety or habit. One of the biggest ways to exert control over how you feel is to get your food right.

Close your day out with a non-negotiable ritual 

The end of the day is just as important as the beginning, and I find that an evening ritual — even small or short — can help center thoughts, prepare mind and body for restful sleep, and release the day. For me, this includes 15 minutes of meditation in a space specifically for this purpose. Sensory experiences are very tied to my mindfulness, so I also have calming a lavender nebulizer, and a cup of decaffeinated black tea with vanilla soymilk. This isn’t a big time commitment, but it forces me to slow down, focus exclusively on my own mental refresh, and ensures I am in position to sleep. In times of extreme stress, I also write down anything that bothers me as a ritual way of giving myself permission to release it, so I don’t think about it while I sleep. Guarding restful sleep is so important.

To view the full interview with Antonia featured on Thrive Global, please click here.