8 Essentials for the Connected Leader

  • November 03, 2020

The content below is an excerpt from our latest white paper: 8 Leadership Principles for the Connected Leader in the New World by our Global Head, Antonia Hock.

If you are one of those that is called to focus on seeing others achieve their potential, then there are a set of important leadership principles for this new era:

Take the Time to Really See: It is a rare gift to have a leader that really takes the time to see you for who you are. This means that a leader sees all your best attributes and your flaws, and they encourage and motivate you to grow across that spectrum. Talent is talent, and it comes in many forms.

Take the Bullets: Exceptional leaders are always prepared to accept all the worst outcomes for their team. This means that no matter what you feel personally, you are fully prepared to be the face of your organization without deflecting blame or consequence to others.

Inject Energy: Teams derive their energy and momentum from their leader. The top leaders bring high energy, encouragement, and inspiration to their teams always.

You & All Employees are The Brand- Live it: Every interaction with a client, any public image, and any interaction big or small demonstrates your brand value and image. You cannot have a bad day where you don’t show up on-point for what your brand stands for or what you deliver in the market.

Be Visible, Be Humble, and Serve Your Employees: Leaders in any industry should be willing to do any job, roll-up their sleeves and prove that they walk the walk. The team is building client success project by project. They are doing some heavy lifting. You are there to support, clear the path, provide air cover, and make sure everyone flies in formation.

Small gestures matter: I believe that there is a lot of power in the small gesture, and those are not practiced enough today. Handwritten notes, encouraging texts, bringing someone a favorite beverage or offering to do something for the person all signal that you are thinking of them in a concrete way, you care, and they are not alone.

Offering to sit together — whether in person or virtually —and be a sounding board: This is a great time to listen and support- just resist the urge to tell someone what to do. Phrases like, “have you thought about…?” or “help me understand…?” can be important. Sometimes, just sharing a laugh or a shared memory can be therapeutic.

Bring your own positive point of view and provide context for how you see your own life or challenges: This is an opportunity to share small ways that you are bringing positivity into your life in the face of a personal challenge. Resist the urge to draw comparisons or give advice based on your experience unless it is actively sought.