5 Ways Gratitude Can Improve Our Overall Mental Wellness

  • April 20, 2021

This content is an excerpt from a recent Medium Interview with Antonia Hock. To read the full interview, click here.

Be intentional about making gratitude a daily practice. The best way to make maximum impact in your life with gratitude is to weave it into your mindset every day. Before you get out of bed, think about one thing that drives gratitude for you, and give thanks. During the day take moments to be grateful for your lunch, for a good laugh with a co-worker, for the opportunity to be of service to others. Gratitude is a mindset; best practiced continually.

Demonstrate gratitude all day, every day: Weave the word “thank you” into as much of your day as you can — acknowledge the small things, and when someone does something big, make your gratitude proportionally big. I love to write thank you notes, and when I am grateful for support, leadership, effort, or comradery, I make it a point to acknowledge it.

Contemplate “what-if” to work for you: Take time to think about the things in your life that make you specifically grateful, and then think about what would happen if they were taken away from you. This practice reinforces gratitude which can deepen your sense of thankfulness. For me, part of gratitude resides in acknowledging how easy it can be for circumstances to change quickly. I become even more grateful when I examine the prospect of loss.

Leverage the power of music: I have a playlist that purposefully emphasizes gratitude. This makes a great tool for days when I am distracted, overwhelmed, or lacking perspective. Music has been widely studied for the ability to provide focus, motivation, and uplift, so use that power to your advantage.

Find an inspirational person and follow them: Like all things, having a coach or a source of inspiration can bring more focus to your own behavior. Gratitude is a contagious practice and surrounding yourself with people who are also practicing this mindset can reinforce your own gratitude.

To view the full interview with Antonia featured on Medium please click here.