Leading with Empathy, Authenticity and Accountability

  • June 10, 2021

This content is an excerpt from a recent Medium Interview with our Global Head  Antonia Hock. To read the full interview, click here.

As we come out of this pandemic era, it is a critical time for leaders to consider how to restore trust and how enlightened capitalism can make a significant contribution to the future of business as we know it.  To Antonia Hock, Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, leadership means two things:

  • The ability to chart a strategic path for results by bringing out the best in the talent you have
  • Nurturing, supporting, and growing talent to ensure that they can fulfill their biggest passions in the service of the company

Leadership is about genuinely wanting to see others achieve the greatest things that they can while delivering extraordinary business results. You provide a place of safety to take risks which drives innovation, while ensuring that people have solid advice and opportunities to thrive.

As a leader, you also need to be a living example. That means showing your team that being bold is valued, being vulnerable is part of growth, and respecting and nurturing others is part of punching your ticket.

Empathy, authenticity, as well as accountability should all be part of your modus operandi as a leader.

To view the full interview with Antonia featured on Medium, please click here.