CX and COVID-19: The Ritz-Carlton’s Essential Toolkit for Sustaining Brand Loyalty (Virtual Program)

CX and COVID-19: The Ritz-Carlton’s Essential Toolkit for Sustaining Brand Loyalty

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is being felt by all in our society today. As this global pandemic continues and the impact that it has on many organizations remains unknown, one concept for businesses is clear – service to customers is critical. To deliver an elevated, consistent experience, employees must understand the essential skills that are necessary to drive authentic customer engagement. This virtual program takes participants through our brand’s legendary best practices and processes for sustaining brand loyalty to model across your organization.

Now more than ever, customers are less loyal to brands and businesses and by differentiating through genuine interactions and excellent service recovery, you can drive higher customer engagement and trust in your brand. Every customer interaction impacts your brand, and each employee can further your organization’s path to exceptional service.

Distinctive Topics

  • The Keys to Great Customer Service: The four key principles The Ritz-Carlton uses to help ensure our customers return.
  • Professional Presence: An overview of how The Ritz-Carlton Ladies & Gentlemen look, speak, and behave to ensure they are maintaining our company brand voice. Insights on how you can be a positive ambassador for your company.
  • Becoming a Service Sensation: The five components that customers need and want in a service industry professional, regardless of organization or customer.
  • A Written Service Strategy: It is critical to offer a consistent customer experience. One of the ways this is achieved at The Ritz-Carlton is through the Three Steps of Service.
  • Effective Service Recovery: Explore the elements of effective service recovery – Timeliness, Ownership, Follow-up.

Intended Audience

  • Technical experts, such as a Customer Service Manager, Call Center Manager, or Customer Experience Manager who directly manage the service professionals with first-hand customer interaction.
  • Managers and Senior Managers directly responsible for the coaching and career development of the professionals providing the customer experience.
  • All leaders for a function or discipline such as a Chief People Officer, Vice President of Human Resources, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief Patient Experience Officer or Chief Executive Officer.
  • Frontline staff who serve as the primary point of contact for first-hand customer interaction.


This Virtual Program is 2 hours in length which includes a 90-minute live webinar with a 30-minute Q&A. This program is available as a Virtual Program only. Please contact us for pricing and availability.