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Burnout at the Top: Why We Must Focus on the CEO Experience

By: Antonia Hock, Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and Xavier Mufraggi, CEO of YPO; CEO Magazine, March 2022
Together, Xavier and Antonia shine a light on the silent epidemic that’s having a huge impact on CEOs and leaders around the globe.

5 Things You Should Do To Upgrade and Re-Energize Your Brand and Image

By: Fotis Georgiadis, Authority Magazine, January 2022

Synopsis: In her latest interview, our Global Head Antonia Hock shares why Consumers today want to have a meaningful connection to the brands that they endorse. Your identity connects your brand to your consumer, and the deeper the connection, the more binding the relationship will be.

Nicholas Air Combines Jack Welch And Ritz-Carlton Influences To Woo Private Jet Flyers

By: Doug Gollan, Forbes, September 2021

Synopsis: Prior to the pandemic, customer contact employees, including pilots, received training via The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. Explore how this experience has re-defined Nicholas Air’s approach to experience.

IT Leadership: Future of Work Traits 

By: Lisa Morgan, InformationWeeek, August 2021

Synopsis: The COVID-19 pandemic forever changed what the future of work looks like and in 2021 it’s still evolving. Explore 11 key traits that are essential for the future of work.

How to Take Your Company from Good to Great

By: Jerome Knyszewski, Medium, August 2021

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, recently sat down with Medium to discuss the impact Leaders can have when effectively driving change that can transform organizations from “Good to Great.”

5 Steps We Must Take To Truly Create An Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society

By: Tyler Gallagher, Medium, May 2021

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, recently sat down with Medium to share her thoughts on the tremendous power of diversity and inclusion along with a reminder to Leaders that if you want to inspire your team to think in radical new ways and break down barriers, you must lead the way and set the example yourself.

Hail to the “Humble” Manager

By: Brian O’Connell, SHRM, May 2021

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, shared her thoughts with SHRM on a clear pathway to humility for managers and leaders alike.

7 Soft Skills Recruiters Value during Uncertain Times

By: Joseph Liu, Fast Company, April 2021

Synopsis: Antonia Hock recently shared her thoughts with Fast Company regarding the skills that top the list as we all adapt to working in the new world.

How We Can Leverage The Power Of Gratitude To Improve Our Overall Mental Wellness

Interview with Antonia Hock by Parveen Panwar, Medium, March 2021

Synopsis: Antonia Hock recently sat down with Medium and shared her insights on the power of gratitude and highlights some thoughtful ways we can each implement it into our lives. Rich with meaningful insights, Antonia also shares her thoughts on the future of work and why so many brands are in a unique position to re-imagine the employee experience altogether.

Podcast Feature: The New P&L – Principles & Leadership in Business featuring Antonia Hock, March 2021

Synopsis: On the latest episode of The New P&L – Principles & Leadership in Business podcast series our Global Head, Antonia Hock, shares insights spanning CX and radical innovation as well as three things leaders can do to put their business in a powerful position as we emerge from the pandemic.

Podcast Feature: Be Customer Led, March 2021

Synopsis: Antonia Hock, Global Head – The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center talks service experience, service recovery experience, and connecting EX to CX

Leave Fear Behind by Doing it Scared

By: Antonia Hock, SWAAY, March 2021

Synopsis: In her latest article with SWAAY, Antonia shares a blueprint for how to take the plunge in “Doing it scared” – and how we can all unlock new horizons and leverage fear as a driver  for evolution and growth.

Are You Being Served? Five-star Tips for Client Relations in a Masked Era

By: Chris Taylor, Reuters, January 2021

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, recently sat down with Reuters to talk about what customer service looks like in the New Normal, when every single interaction has taken on added importance. That is quite possible, even with everyone masked up.

Perspectives on Engagement: The CARVE Concept

By: Fotis Georgiadis, Thrive Global, January 2021

Synopsis: In her latest interview with Thrive Global, Antonia Hock, Global Head and VP of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center shares her perspectives on approaching resilience with her CARVE principle: Coach, Activity, Resources Visualize, Engagement.

3 Ways to Stand out in Today’s Retail Environment

By: Antonia Hock, Total Retail, December 2020

Synopsis: To deliver a digital customer experience that’s memorable and engaging for the 2020 holiday season, most retailers should explore and prepare for three key actions to stand out in today’s retail environment.

Rising Through Resilience; Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient

By: Fotis Georgiadis, Medium, November 2020

Synopsis: In her latest interview with Medium Magazine, our Global Head Antonia Hock shares her views on resilience –  one of the characteristic that many successful leaders share in common, and in many cases it is the most important trait necessary to survive and thrive in today’s complex market.

Empowering Advice from 5 Top Female Executives on Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

By: Christina-Lauren Pollack, Women on Top, November 2020

Synopsis: To inspire you to follow your dreams and set high goals for yourself, here is empowering advice from five top female executives and global industry leaders, including our Global Head, Antonia Hock.

Surviving and Succeeding Through Staffing Shortages

By: Mark McGraw, Elite Healthcare, October 2020

Synopsis: The Coronavirus pandemic has helped drive staffing shortages in the healthcare sector. Experts, including our Global Head, Antonia Hock, offer advice on how to continue thriving in this type of environment.

The Future Of Retail In The Post Pandemic World

By: Jilea Hemmings, Thrive Global, October 2020

Synopsis: Consumers are consolidating the number of retailers that they visit, and as we enter the next stage of transformation with COVID, physical and digital elements of the shopping experience are converging more than ever before. Explore the latest interview with our Global Head, Antonia Hock.

Which KPIs Are Right to Measure Your Customer Experience?

By: Phill Britt, CMSWire, October 2020

Synopsis: Customer experience practitioners can choose from a wide variety of key performance indicators to determine the success (or lack thereof) of their efforts. Explore insights from our Global Head, Antonia Hock, regarding which KPIs businesses should consider measuring for biggest impact.

Women In Wellness: Make time Every Day to Challenge Your Body

By: Candice Georgiadis, Thrive Global, October 2020

Synopsis: A comprehensive interview with our Global Head, Antonia Hock, which highlights a range of timely topics including lifestyle tweaks to support people’s journey towards better well-being to lessons learned that have left a mark on Antonia’s career journey to date.

Meeting Customer Needs This Holiday Season

By: Phill Britt, CMSWire, September 2020

Synopsis: Retailers with brick-and-mortar operations will be facing one of the most challenging holiday seasons in memory this year. They are facing the combined impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting social distancing rules, as well as record high unemployment rates, meaning less disposable income for many. Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, shares her thoughts on how brands can drive innovation for in-person experiences.

Mindfulness Can Unlock Resiliency and Innovation in Challenging Times

By: Antonia Hock, Association of, September 2020

Synopsis: In her latest article, Antonia Hock shares that an important component of finding resiliency and innovation lies in the practice of mindfulness. Never has this been a more valuable tool than right now. We have all heard the statement that, ‘we don’t control what happens to us, but we do control our response’.

Innovative Ways Companies Convey Culture When Hiring Remotely

By: Lin Grensing-Pophal, SHRM, August 2020

Synopsis: Both employers and job candidates have come to consider culture and cultural fit important elements when making or accepting offers. It’s a challenge that many Executives have taken on, and they have important insights to share, including our Global Head Antonia Hock.

Antonia Hock of the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center: How We Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy

By: Charlie Katz, Authority Magazine via, August 2020

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, participated in a recent interview as part of a series focused on “How Business Leaders Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy.”

5 Ways to Get Better at Trusting Your Gut

By: Stephanie Vozza, FastCompany, July 2020

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, shares tips as to why our instinct can be a powerful decision-making tool, as long as you’re using it right. Learning to trust your gut takes intention and practice, and there are several things you can do to get better at it.

Unobstructed Podcast: The Ritz-Carlton Experience with Antonia Hock

Podcast Hosted & Recorded by: AudienceView, June 2020

Synopsis: Antonia Hock, Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, joined Mike Evenson on episode 11 of the Unobstructed podcast. They discussed Ritz-Carlton’s status as a culture-first and customer-centric organization that empowers its employees to innovate and create unforgettable experiences.

Mindfulness During Uncertain Times: Thrive Global Interview Feature with Antonia Hock

By: Beau Henderson, Thrive Global, June 2020

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, spoke with Beau recently as part of his series focused on “How To Develop Mindfulness And Serenity During Stressful Or Uncertain Times.”

Why Mindfulness is the Key to Innovating in Challenging Times 

By Antonia Hock, Swaay, May 2020

Synopsis: Our Global Head, Antonia Hock, shares her views on innovating during uncertain times like these and why leaders must draw upon the depth of their experiences as they are tested in new ways.

In Crisis Mode? Consider the Virtues of Vulnerability

By Arthur Zaczkiewicz, WWD, April 2020 

Synopsis: WWD shares insights from industry leaders including our Global Head Antonia Hock as to why Managers who allow themselves to be vulnerable while practicing empathy are the ones who will ultimately succeed during these unprecedented times.

Will Coronavirus Improve Customer Service? 

By Christopher Elliott, Forbes, March 2020

Synopsis: The coronavirus has the potential to improve customer service in a remarkable way. In fact, it’s already happening. Antonia Hock shares her views on the the impact COVID-19 will have on CX.

11 Easy Tips For Working From Home Effectively & Productively

By Angela Melero, The Zoe Report, March 2020

Synopsis: Antonia Hock and other industry-leading experts offer some key tips for making the days ahead filled with working from home as productive and pleasant as possible.

Maximize Your Customer Experience ROI

By John Edwards, InformationWeek, March 2020

Synopsis: Featuring insights from our Global Head, Antonia Hock. Customer experience leaders may struggle to show how their efforts will generate positive business results. They need a solid business model that can reliably predict quantifiable benefits.

Inspiring Advice from 10 Empowering Women on How to Be Fearless & Follow Your Dreams

Featured in Inspirations & Celebrations, March 2020

Synopsis: In celebration of Women’s History Month, explore inspiring advice from 10 empowering women on how to be fearless and follow your dreams – including our Global Head, Antonia Hock.

The Luxury Item Podcast Episode #7: Featuring Antonia Hock 

Hosted by: Scott Kerr of The Luxury Item Podcast, January 2020

Synopsis: Antonia Hock talks with Scott Kerr about why the top luxury brand for hotel guest satisfaction decided to share the ‘secret sauce’ for its gold standard of customer experience with the rest of the world.

“Why You Should Be Visible, Be Humble, and Serve Your Employees” With Charlie Katz & Antonia Hock of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

By Charlie Katz, Thrive Global, January 2020

Synopsis: In a recent interview, Antonia sits down with Charlie Katz to discuss how The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center works with thousands of clients to improve customer and employee engagement, transform their culture, drive brand loyalty and create an extraordinary customer experience.

5 Things You Need To Build A Trusted And Beloved Brand

by Chaya Weiner, Thrive Global, December 2019

Synopsis: Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Antonia Hock, sits down for a recent Q&A interview and dives into what it takes to build a trusted and beloved brand.

Brands Need to Bridge Expanding Gaps in Customer Experience

by Chris Warren, Association of National Advertisers, December 2019

Synopsis: Negative consumer experiences tend to share three characteristics: Lack of personalization, slow response times, and lack of first-party resolution. Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Antonia Hock, shares that when these expectations aren’t met, brands pay a price.

Why Diversity of Thought is the Key Ingredient for Better Business

by Sarah Fister Gale, American Express, October 2019

Synopsis: Global Head, Antonia Hock, shares her recent insights on why employing a group of diverse thinkers can be a big benefit to your business.

Creating a Culture-First Approach to Customer Experience

by Antonia Hock, AMA Playbook: Your Source for Practical Work Solutions, August 2019

Synopsis: In the latest blog post from AMA Playbook, Antonia Hock shares insights why building a world-class culture based on shared values, inclusion, compassion, and lateral service must come before any customer-centric focus to drive real success

What Trends are Shaping Retail in 2019

by Sam Mire, Disruptor Daily, June 2019

Synopsis: There’s no denying that retail is going digital at a rapid clip, but there’s still some value in the brick and mortar retail experience. This article highlights expert insights and their visions of the future of retail, including Antonia Hock, Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

Meet Your Future Employees: Generation Z

by Stephanie Overby,, June 2019

Synopsis: Gen Z’s entrance into the workforce represents a “great opportunity for inter-generational learning and collaboration. Antonia Hock shares her views on how investing in Gen Z will pay significant dividends not only to overall business performance, but also in the ongoing development of the future workplace.

Creating a Culture-First Approach to Customer Experience

by Antonia Hock, American Management Association Quarterly, May 2019

Synopsis: In the Spring AMA Quarterly Magazine, Global Head & VP of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Antonia Hock shares how the Ritz-Carlton approach creates engaged workers, who in turn create happy customers.

Culture is the Key to Great Service

by Antonia Hock, Retail TouchPoints, May 2019

Synopsis: In this article, Antonia shares why the importance of building a world-class culture based on shared values, inclusion, compassion and lateral service must come before any customer-centric focus in order to drive real success.

sHeroes: How Antonia Hock of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center is changing the culture of luxury and empowering everyone from the janitor to management

by Alexandra Spirer, Thrive Global, May 2019

Synopsis: In this Q&A interview, Antonia Hock shares insights with Thrive Global into the extraordinary and impactful work she and the team are delivering – both professionally and philanthropically – at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

Writing a Prescription for Physician and Caregiver Nurse Retention

by Jenna Sindle, Future Healthcare Today, April 2019

Synopsis: Jeff Hargett, Senior Practice Director, shares insights with Future Healthcare Today on why the latest tech and tools aren’t necessarily a sure-fire solution to retaining leading clinicians – culture still holds a top place in regards to the most effective ways to retain top talent.

Human Connection Returns to Retail in 2019

by Antonia Hock, Total Retail, March 2019

Synopsis: As retailers consider the trends that will impact their businesses in 2019 and beyond, one exciting trend crossing all segments of retail is the renewed focus on the human connection — i.e., building authentic relationships and stimulating community connections. This article explores three ways retailers can bring to life the human connection.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Girl Power Advice by 25 Inspiring Women

by Christine-Lauren Pollack, Inspirations & Celebrations, March 2019

Synopsis: Global Head & VP of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Antonia Hock shares her insights about overcoming challenges and embracing fear in her career. Antonia’s insights are part of the impressive lineup of advice, including other insights from Bobbi Brown, Miss USA 2018 and Alison Sweeney.

4 Digital Customer Experience Strategy Tips for 2019

by Erin Ollila, SmarterCX March 2019

Synopsis: Antonia Hock, VP of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, shares thoughts on how to introduce anticipation into your digital customer experience.

4 Brands That Mastered the Omnichannel Customer Experience

by Erin Ollila, SmarterCX, February 2019

Synopsis: In this article from SmarterCX, readers learn how 4 brands are mastering omnichannel customer experiences across different industries. Antonia Hock, Global Head & VP of The Leadership Center shares her insights on why some brands are getting it right.

Why Customer Experience is Still Lagging

by Phil Britt, CMS Wire, February 2019

Synopsis: Antonia Hock, Global Head & VP of The Leadership Center shares insights as to the challenges companies face when it comes to CX, largely driven by the fact that customers are seeking the ability to have a profound, efficient and personalized experience via the mobile world.

Top CEOs Share How Customer Experience Starts with Culture

by Robert Reiss, Forbes, February 2019

Synopsis: Article features insights from Herve Humler, Chairman Emeritus of The Ritz-Carlton, on how The Ritz-Carlton sustains our notable culture. The Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton are “the most important asset in our service delivery to our guests. We trust in their work, empower them, and give them the tools and resources to succeed and they rise to the occasion.”

Micro Moments That Can Lead to Big CX Wins

Panel Presentation by Antonia Hock, Vice President & Global Head of The Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, eTail West, Palm Springs, CA, February 2019

Synopsis: Examining the small interactions, often on mobile, can greatly influence purchase decisions. As such, you need to ensure you are mapping out the customer journey to better understand when these micro moments might occur.

Embracing the Experience Economy

by Antonia Hock, Vice President & Global Head of The Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, January 2019

Synopsis: From commitment to culture to transforming the talent experience, Antonia shares 5 key actions organizations can take to truly embrace the experience economy in our latest white paper.

How to Thrive in the Experience Economy

by Antonia Hock, Wavelength Blog, November 2018

Synopsis: In this article, Antonia Hock, VP of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, shares insights on how brands can – and must learn to – thrive within the experience economy.

Antonia Hock Named to Luxury Daily Top 25 Women to Watch List

from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center News Room, October 2018

Synopsis: Luxury Daily, the world’s leading luxury business publication, has named Antonia Hock, VP of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, to its 2019 Top 25 Women to Watch in Luxury list. With this announcement, Hock highlights how the Leadership Center is poised to drive significant impact across the luxury segment in 2019.

Shareable Moments On Social Drive Sales

by Deborah Weinswig, Forbes, July 2018

Synopsis: Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center VP Antonia Hock shares how anticipatory services and wow moments lead to great experiences and customer loyalty.

Creating Value Through Meaningful Experiences: How Volkswagen Australia Wins Customers And Earns Their Loyalty

Forbes, May 2018

Synopsis: Jason Bradshaw, Chief Customer Officer of Volkswagen Australia, articulates his organization’s approach to customer experience and discusses their “experience-immersion” trips with The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.

How The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Uses Employee Engagement To Drive Customer Experience

by Bryan Borzykowski, Forbes, May 2018

Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center VP, Antonia Hock, and Sr. Dir., Jeff Hargett discuss The Ritz-Carlton philosophy and approach to achieving exceptional customer experience.

Leaders of Luxury Series: Robert Chavez, President & CEO of the Americas, Hermès of Paris

featured in the Robb Report, presented by International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), November 2017

Synopsis: Robert Chavez speaks to the personalized service excellence culture of the Ritz-Carlton brand.

The 2017 Sotheby’s International Realty® Global Networking Event

by Erik Weinbrecht, Sotheby’s International Realty Extraordinary Living Blog, October 2017

Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center takes the stage at the 2017 Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Event.

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Welcomes Antonia Hock as New Vice President

from The Ritz-Carlton News Room on May 2016

Synopsis: Announcement about the new Vice President of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and her goal to expand The Leadership Center into a world-renowned advisory, consulting and executive training powerhouse.

Building a Culture of Engagement as the Foundation for Patient Experience: On the Road – Keck Medicine of USC

from The Beryl Institute posted by Stacy Palmer on March 2016

Synopsis: Shares how Keck Medicine of USC transformed its organizational culture to encompass a committed focus on employee engagement and patient experience.

Top 100 Leadership Blogs on the Web

from Feedspot posted by Anuj Agarwal on March 2016

Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s blog earns spot on Top 100 leadership blogs.

What Steve Jobs Stole From Ritz-Carlton (and You Should Steal From Apple)

from Inc. written by Micah Solomon in June 2015

Synopsis: The Ritz-Carlton inspired Apple’s Genius Bar.

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