Your Cultural Assessment

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Discovery is an intensive, two and a half-day exploration—guided by The Senior Advisors from The Leadership Center. Through observation, focus groups and meetings, we will conduct a cultural audit of your organization. Your senior leadership will also be introduced to the best practices of The Ritz-Carlton—our framework for service excellence. After we determine your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, we will discuss strategies, tactics and possible next steps. You can implement the findings on your own, or you may decide to pursue Advisory Services with us in order to accelerate a sustainable cultural transformation.

Program Overview:

Day One: Initial observations

  • Meet with senior leaders for kick-off and to set expectations
  • Tour your facility(s) and gather information
  • Conduct focus groups

Day Two: Overview of The Ritz-Carlton culture

  • “Excellence in the Patient Experience” presentation for up to 30 leaders
  • Followed by a brief Q&A of key findings

Day Three: Debrief and Report

  • Debrief with senior leaders findings and recommendations
  • Review of written Service Excellence Observation Assessment Report