Registration Closing September 17 for our Final 2021 Onsite Course Experience!

A desert oasis located in Palm Springs, California, we invite you to enroll for our upcoming September 29-30 onsite course experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage, and as part of that, your safety is our top priority, keeping in mind the high standards of cleanliness and luxury service.

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How to Take Your Company from Good to Great

It’s impossible to inspire, build, and grow a great business if you are constantly trying to blend who you really are with a persona you have constructed for work. Our Global Head recently sat down with Medium to share some of her insights that can transform a business and ultimately take it from Good to Great.

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Future Ready Consumer Experience

Our inquiry-based Future Ready Consumer Experience offering takes our clients on a strategic journey, beginning with a CX Assessment analysis and ending with a customized “toolkit” that is inclusive of a custom built knowledge workshop.

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Our Three Steps of Service: What’s in a Name?

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