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Real Estate and Facilities Management is a relationship-driven industry that shapes the way we work, shop and live. Striving to be a leader in the industry through brand and people is central to any organization’s strategy.

We believe it is imperative that each role in the Real Estate industry–including Agents, Brokers, Property Managers and back-office operations staff—understand the critical role they play in driving consistently exceptional service.

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center has collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic Real Estate brands in the following areas:

  • Reimagining the Real Estate Experience in the Digital Era—Agents and brokers learn how to navigate the intersection of the digital and in-person real estate experience and translate this connection into meaningful moment for your buyers.
  • Agent Engagement and Retention— Explore the difference between engaged agents and those who are merely satisfied. Learn how to maximize their emotional connection to your brand in order to optimize overall engagement and improve agent retention.
  • Personalizing the Purchaser Journey— Agents and Brokers learn how to design a customer experience that ensures delight throughout the customer lifecycle, from pre-sale research to contract to closing, plus every touchpoint in between.
  • Culture Cohesion after Talent Acquisition— Evolve your organization’s cultural foundation for both client-facing and internal employees to power employee engagement, even as your business expands to include new talent through mergers and acquisitions.

Our Real Estate and Facilities Management clients include companies that are acknowledged by the Forbes Annual Best Places to Work while improving their customer satisfaction scores year over year.

Contact us to learn how you can elevate the real estate experience across your business.

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