Employee Experience

Service Excellence Starts from Within

At The Ritz-Carlton, we believe that our Ladies and Gentlemen are our most important resource. Fostering a culture powered by authentic, genuine employee engagement drives meaningful customer experiences, which leads to overall organizational success.

Through our proven consulting methodology, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center designs and delivers award-winning organizational transformation strategies. Our clients use these tools to improve the employee experience, innovate their culture and differentiate their brand.

Focusing on the customer experience is important, but the most successful companies recognize the importance of aligning CX with employee experience (EX).

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center EX practice curates experience consultancy strategies that span all areas of EX approach and implementation:

  • Culture and EX benchmarking and current state discovery
  • Emotional connectivity to the brand through the psychology of service
  • EX strategy design
  • Sustainability strategy and implementation focused on core people processes
  • Leadership development dedicated to cultivating an engaged workforce
  • EX implementation across all industries.

Through thoughtful design and an inclusive process, our demonstrated EX strategies have helped our customers reduce turnover, improve productivity and efficiency and increase employee and customer loyalty.

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