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Professional Services organizations—especially those across the Consulting and Legal industries—must instill a culture that encourages acquisition and retention for both staff and customers. Leading brands recognize the strategic precision required for balancing client expectations along with sustaining an engaging culture for their professionals.

We equip our Consulting and Legal clients with the tools and knowledge to deliver an outstanding experience-led approach to customer service while creating a culture that brings everyone in your firm together, spanning departments and geographies.

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center services have benefited Consulting and Legal clients around the globe in these areas:

  • Culture Cohesion after Mergers and Acquisitions—Evolve your organization’s cultural foundation for both client-facing and internal employees to power employee engagement, even as your business expands to include new talent through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Employee Alignment (Client-facing and Internal Staff)—Take a strategic journey, beginning with an organization-wide culture audit and ending with practical strategies and best practices to continue to grow your organization’s culture, processes and capabilities.
  • Bespoke Professional Development Curriculum—We design a custom program tailored to your goals and expectations, aligning content with your organization’s mission, vision and values to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Sustainability and Continuous Improvement for Headquarters and Additional Locations—Create a robust sustainability plan to ensure the success of your culture transformation. We provide strategies for recommended actions, including engaged leadership, corporate-driven initiatives and innovation.

Our demonstrated methodology helps clients around the world improve their overall client satisfaction rankings and retention, while also earning top accolades, including “Best Places to Work.”

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