Future Ready Consumer Experience

As the world continues to navigate new and challenging times and the impact on many organizations remains unknown, one concept for businesses is clear – employee and customer engagement is critical.

Whether a business is getting ready to re-open for business, has chartered new territory operating in a hybrid world or has continued operations through this transitional period, it will be mission critical to ensure that both employees and the operation are ready to deliver on providing an elevated experience that is tailored to the “new normal” that we are all faced with today.

Our inquiry-based Future Ready Consumer Experience offering takes our clients on a strategic journey, beginning with a CX Assessment analysis and ending with a customized “toolkit” that is inclusive of a custom built knowledge workshop.  This multi-phase offering incorporates practical strategies and best practices of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company tailored to the specific goals and expectations of your business to drive elevated levels of both employee and customer engagement.

Our Approach:

  • Assessment: Through analysis, leader interviews and a CX-driven focus group, our Consulting team will assess the  current state of the customer experience of the department or discipline under the scope of this project. Our inquiry-based approach generates the context and shared understanding needed to align to the emerging behaviors of the modern consumer that are necessary to thrive within the competitive market.
  • Design: The focus in this phase will be on the development of the necessary Learning & Development content that is needed to demonstrate the identified and expected levels of service by those under the scope of this project. Our Consulting team will take the insights from the Assessment phase into a delivery module that will be utilized as the basis for education and training during execution and thereafter serving as the best model for a successful service transformation at scale.
  • Execution: With scalability and long-term sustainment as the drivers, the execution phase is intended to apply the most effective learning content and methods. Our Consulting team will deliver the newly created L&D content to ensure learner adoption and the behavioral change necessary to elevate the overall customer experience.

To learn more and explore how we can assist on your journey to elevating the CX for a specific area or discipline within your business contact us.