Leadership Now (Virtual Course)

Engaging Employees in an Ever-Changing Workforce

Whether staff need re-energizing, employees need re-engagement, prolonged change management has exacted a toll on organizational trust, or your leaders are simply ready for next-level development, secure the future success of your organization with this toolkit of critical management skills.

Through this 3-hour interactive virtual course, participants will discover the Why and How of motivating teams, inspiring buy-in, communicating effectively and modeling integrity.

Your trusted advisor will reveal how The Ritz-Carlton maximizes the talent of leaders, leveraging their strengths to support our legendary brand’s continued success and relevance in today’s rapidly changing global markets, often comprised of both in-person and remote workforces needing to work together seamlessly.

Who Should Attend:

  • This course is best suited for individuals or small groups from the same organization interested in learning both from our brand’s best practices and the content presented within but also peer insights shared throughout the program from other attendees during the breakouts
  • Ideal attendee roles include (but are not limited to) Leaders and Managers of others

2023 Virtual Course Dates:

  • This three-hour virtual course is available on the following upcoming date:
    • Tuesday, December 12 (1:00pm – 4:00pm EST)

What You Will Learn During this Course:

  • Ethics and Emotional Intelligence: Emphasizing ethics, trust, and emotional intelligence as the foundation to authentic and introspective leadership.
  • Cultivating Trust: Cultivating trust by respecting and valuing employees will lead to a workforce that is more invested in helping your organization improve and grow.
  • Leadership Toolkit: Providing leaders with the tools they need to inspire top talent, build high-performing teams, and achieve organizational goals.
  • Ways to Engage and Motivate: Educating on ways to engage and motivate employees to continuously innovate and improve the organization for long-term success.

What to Expect:

  • live virtual workshop, comprised of a three-hour, highly-interactive Virtual Experience, including breakout room groupwork sessions, report-outs, and a dedicated break time.
  • These courses are delivered live in a virtual setting to ensure an interactive experience and they are not recorded.
  • During the breakout sessions, the camera feature is encouraged, but not required.
  • Attendee participation and collaboration will foster the most impactful learning journey, so interested attendees should be prepared to engage and interact for this workshop.


  • Registration for the virtual course $1,000 per participant. At this time please call 301.380.2154 for availability.