The Ritz-Carlton Immersive Experience

Explore and Experience the Business Foundations of our Brand

Explore the award-winning, transformational business practices of The Ritz-Carlton while experiencing The Ritz-Carlton ambiance. This journey will bring The Ritz-Carlton processes to life through our Ladies & Gentlemen and will provide the opportunity to observe strategic cultural practices such as a Line-Up and interact during an Employee Panel.

Absorb our foundational processes, such as The Gold Standards, our key processes for onboarding and empowerment, and The Ritz-Carlton method for fulfilling unexpressed wishes, in the environment where they are all enlivened: a relaxed yet refined Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Intended Audience

  • All levels of professionals who are responsible for the customer experience or engagement disciplines through either first-hand interaction or management responsibility, such as a Chief People Officer, Vice President of Customer Experience, Human Resources Manager, Customer Service Representative, or a Front Desk Agent.

Distinctive Topics

  • The Foundation of The Ritz-Carlton: Explore a comprehensive overview of the company’s culture, and key processes and service principles, and their real-life applicability to all organizations.
  • The Effects of Ambiance on Culture: Observe first-hand exceptional and deliberate service at The Ritz-Carlton while learning how these strategic choices foster culture.
  • Bringing the Vocabulary to Life: Understand the nuances of industry terms such as Empowerment, Engagement, Staying-in-the-Moment, and Surprise-and-Delight and how these elements are brought to life at The Ritz-Carlton.
  • The Journey of Ritz-Carlton Service: If an elevated service culture ends in personalized, anticipatory service, it begins with a clearly written service strategy. Take a sojourn through this entire process.

Pricing & Details

This program is available as:

  • A six-hour onsite speaking engagement at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Please contact us for pricing and availability.