Brand Differentiating Service | Delivering an Elevated Experience

Any brand not emotionally engaging their customers, risks losing those customers to a competitor that will. Especially in a volatile market, consumers are likely to spend time and money where they feel valued.

At The Ritz-Carlton, creating guests for life is an inherent part of doing business because every Lady and Gentleman is educated in the emotional and psychological aspects of service. With this program, you will learn how our time-tested methodologies foster a culture of personalized service and genuine care. Demystifying the legendary Ritz-Carlton Mystique, we will show you exactly how to anticipate and fulfill unexpressed needs, pivot quickly to customize interactions, and create indelible impressions.

Distinctive Topics

  • Emotional Connection: A discussion about the difference between functional and emotional benefits and why this distinction is critical to brand loyalty.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Key Service Principles: An overview of the service principles that lead to authentic connections and the importance of psychology in service.
  • Optimizing Every Interaction: The five components that customers need and want in a service industry professional, regardless of organization or customer.
  • Creating a Legendary Experience: A review of how to anticipate customer needs through their service journey, including how to stay-in-the-moment to increase perception, customer relationship management best practices, and how to leverage surprise and delight techniques.

Intended Audience

  • All leaders for a function or discipline such as a Chief People Officer, Vice President of Human Resources, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Finance, or Chief Executive Officer.
  • Technical experts, such as a Customer Service Manager, Call Center Manager, Customer Experience Manager or Human Resources Manager, who directly manage the service professionals with first-hand customer interaction.
  • Managers and Senior Managers directly responsible for the coaching and career development of the professionals providing the customer experience.
  • Frontline staff who serve as the primary point of contact for first-hand customer

Pricing & Details

This program is available as:

  • This  is available as a two, three, or six-hour onsite speaking engagement at a location and time of your preference. Please contact us for pricing and availability.
  • Virtual options are also available here. Program length varies.
  • This content is facilitated as part of our onsite course experiences on day 2, with our Culture of Excellence offering on day 1. Please review our upcoming courses to learn more.