Leading Employee Excellence

Fostering a culture powered by passion and purpose starts with example-setting leadership.

Inspiring excellence for more than forty years, The Ritz-Carlton has identified key leadership behaviors that enable excellence to be fostered within an organization.

Through this reflective and action-driven offering, you will explore the time-tested leadership framework The Ritz-Carlton deploys to foster an environment where employees aspire to not simply meet or fulfill customer expectations, but rather, proactively anticipate needs and exceed those expectations in every interaction. Regardless of the industry your organization aligns to, these behaviors are fully transferable across organizations.

Rich with actionable takeaways, you will depart this learning experience, complete with your own 30-60-90 day roadmap to elevate your leadership and ultimately, the success of your organization.

Distinctive Topics

  • Brand Guardianship: Leadership bestows the additional obligation of brand protection. Example-setting leadership through the behaviors that you model sets the stage for all employees to follow. Guardianship is the ultimate reflection of what you expect from your employees.
  • Authentic Storytelling: The foundation of driving elevated engagement is providing a path to success for your employees. The Ritz-Carlton has created an Art to Storytelling and enabled an environment of continuous amplification of our best practices.
  • Prioritize Company Culture: The success of The Ritz-Carlton stems from global alignment to our cultural pillars. This alignment consists of non-negotiable amplifications that are universally exercised through knowledge, ownership and energization.
  • Drive Excellence: Excellence requires a passionate commitment to your work. If your employees connect to the purpose of their role, and of your organization, they will actively strive to perform at that next level.
  • Enliven Empowerment: Empowerment is foundational to the success of your employees and your organization. Are you ready to empower your employees?
  • Energized Personalized Service: Who is your customer? As a leader your customer is your employee and the internal environment you create will inevitably be reflected in the one your customers experience.
  • Cultivate Quality: Understand that mistakes, rework, breakdowns, inefficiencies, and variations all cause frustration, disengagement and negative customer experience for internal and external guests. Embrace and celebrate defects.
  • Lead with Compassion and Accountability: Trust is foundational to your leadership success. Learn the traits of trusted leaders that inspire excellence.
  • Inspire Innovation: Encourage ideas and innovation. Its ok to fail. Through a time-tested five step innovation process, you can inspire change within your organization, both big and small.
  • Celebrating Successes: When an employee’s valuable contributions are affirmed and celebrated, psychological adaptations occur which reinforce desire efforts and drive progression towards goal.

Intended Audience

People Leaders directly responsible for the management, coaching and/or career development of others throughout their organization.


Available for onsite experiences only and inclusive of several outcome-driven interactive breakouts throughout the programming, Leading Employee Excellence can be facilitated as:

  • A six-hour, single day onsite interactive engagement at the location of the client’s choice.
  • Two three-hour, highly-interactive speaking engagements at the location of the client’s choice.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.