Bank Mortgage Customer Service

  • February 24, 2019

  • The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center


A young couple was buying a home for almost a million dollars. The day before the closing, the bank realized they were missing some vital information. They emailed the husband and asked him for the information. An hour later, they followed up with a phone call and told the husband that if he didn’t give them the information at that moment, he would not be able to close the next day.


  • The bank employees were clearly up against a tight deadline, but rather than threatening the husband with a delayed closing date, they could have used kinder language that conveyed the urgency of the situation such as, “Mr. Smith, in order to close tomorrow, we need your vital information right away. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your help ensuring your closing moves forward as planned.”
  • The bank turned its crisis into an emergency situation for their customers. Customer service professionals often need to scramble to fix a problem, but the customer should not see the behind-the-scenes drama. The Credo of The Ritz-Carlton pledges to “instill well-being” to guests. Drama detracts from well-being.
  • A million-dollar sale is a large purchase, and the bank should have been working to build trust. These buyers wanted to feel that the bank was responsive, orderly, accurate and meeting their needs. A rude, last-minute phone call does not inspire confidence.
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