The Art of Service Recovery (Virtual Course)

Discover the Essentials for Service Recovery: $950 Enrollment Fee per Attendee

The Ritz-Carlton has been service recovery obsessed for decades – tracking every guest incident, how it is handled, analyzing resolution success, surveying guest satisfaction, and rewarding employees for empowered solutions.

In this virtual course, facilitated as a workshop, we share our methodology, highlighting the connection between exceptional service recovery and brand loyalty. An ever-changing world has forced all of us to face anxious internal and external customers who are grappling with increased wait times, unfamiliar digitized products and platforms, altered product menus, and continued supply chain delays.

The stakes are higher than ever to architect and implement effective recovery strategies. This high-energy, interactive program will also inspire collaboration across your team and focus on the power of awareness and anticipation to deploy frictionless problem resolution. 

Who Should Attend:

  • This course is best suited for individuals or small groups from the same organization interested in learning both from our brand’s best practices and the content presented within but also peer insights shared throughout the program from other attendees during the breakouts.
  • Ideal attendee roles include (but are not limited to) Leaders, Managers and Service professionals who are responsible for providing customer experience

2024 Virtual Course Dates:

  • This three-hour virtual course is available on the following upcoming dates:
    • Tuesday, September 24, 2024 (1:00pm – 4:00pm EST)

What You Will Learn During this Course:

  • Problems or Opportunities: A change in mindset can change your approach. Learn how The Ritz-Carlton turns customer problems into opportunities to rebuild trust and loyalty. 
  • Fundamentals of Listening: Discuss the different types of listening and explore the best practices we implore in listening and build awareness to demonstrate empathy. 
  • An Empowered Apology: Review key components of an effective and authentic apology, how to handle various customer issues  and how to take ownership for customer retention. 
  • Effective Service Recovery: Explore the Ritz-Carlton best practices for effective service recovery that drive successful outcomes for both consumers and brands alike. Empowerment plays a key role in the success of service recovery.  Additionally, participants will learn the Ritz-Carlton Empowerment guidelines that allow employees to feel confident and deliver upon our brand’s promise.  

What to Expect:

  • A live virtual workshop, comprised of a three-hour, highly-interactive Virtual Experience, including breakout room groupwork sessions, report-outs, and a dedicated break time.
  • These courses are delivered live in a virtual setting to ensure an interactive experience and they are not recorded.
  • During the breakout sessions, the camera feature is encouraged, but not required.
  • Attendee participation and collaboration will foster the most impactful learning journey, so interested attendees should be prepared to engage and interact for this workshop.


  • Registration for the virtual course $950 per participant. Please click here to start your enrollment.