Customer Service Reenergized (Virtual Keynote)

Customer Service Reenergized: Virtual Keynote

Reinvigorate your customer experience professionals.

The recent pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to create negative impact to many businesses big and small all across the globe. During this time, it is necessary to inspire a culture of consistent and genuine customer service so that employees understand the foundations of customer engagement and how to translate this understanding into actions.

This highly engaging virtual keynote focuses on The Ritz-Carlton customer experience fundamentals and the essential components of customer service. Every customer interaction impacts your brand, and each employee can further your organization’s path to exceptional service.

Distinctive Topics

  • Personal Power: A discussion on how all employees, not just the ones with big titles, have power. The ultimate power is in creating a memorable guest experience.
  • The Keys to Great Customer Service: The four key principles The Ritz-Carlton uses to help ensure our customers return.
  • Professional Presence: An overview of how The Ritz-Carlton Ladies & Gentlemen look, speak, and behave to ensure they are maintaining our company brand voice. Insights on how you can be a positive ambassador for your company.
  • Fundamentals of Customer Engagement: Learn the difference between an engaged customer and one that is merely satisfied. Content also includes problem resolution and why consistency is imperative.

Intended Audience

  • Professionals who are responsible for providing the customer experience through first-hand interaction, such as a Customer Service Representative, Server, Customer Experience Specialist, Receptionist, or Front-Desk agent.
  • Technical experts, such as a Customer Service Manager, Call Center Manager, Customer Experience Manager, Maître D’, or Human Resources Manager, who directly manage the service professionals with first-hand customer interaction.
  • Managers and Senior Managers directly responsible for the coaching and career development of the professionals providing the customer experience.


This program is available as a 60 minute Virtual Keynote only. Please contact us for pricing and availability.