Leadership and COVID-19: Fostering Employee Engagement in an Ever-Changing Work Environment (Virtual Program)

Leadership & COVID-19: Fostering Employee Engagement in an Ever-Changing Work Environment

In today’s ever-changing climate, securing the future success of your organization starts now by educating leaders with the necessary tools to ensure higher levels of employee engagement. This engaging virtual program is centered around investing in leaders to develop and refine the critical skills to further engage your employees who will further engage your customers.

Participants will learn how The Ritz-Carlton excels at maximizing the talent of leaders and how we leverage that strength to support our legendary brand’s continued success and relevance in today’s global market.

Distinctive Topics

  • Emphasizing ethics, trust, and emotional intelligence as the foundation to authentic and introspective leadership.
  • Cultivating trust by respecting and valuing employees will lead to a workforce that is more invested in helping your organization improve and grow
  • Providing leaders with the tools they need to inspire top talent, build high-performing teams, and achieve organizational goals.
  • Educating on ways to engage and motivate employees to continuously innovate and improve the organization for long-term success.

Intended Audience

  • New generation of leaders, first-time supervisors or managers, and all leaders already in role


This Virtual Program is 2 hours in length which includes a 90-minute live webinar with a 30-minute Q&A. This program is available as a Virtual Program only. Please contact us for pricing and availability