Guest Story: Personal Customer Experience

Studies show that “companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202 percent.” That’s a huge impact on your organization! When your employees are engaged, they are more likely to go above and beyond for your customers and patients. In the following guest story, the employee was addressing a customer complaint and was able to not only solve a problem, but turn the situation into a memorable and personal customer experience.

Moving a Ruckus to a Rink

A Loss Prevention Officer at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto was called to a guest room for a second time after receiving a complaint of children playing hockey in the hallway. He spoke to the children’s mother, and she apologized and promised to keep the children in the room. The Manager of Loss Prevention understood the aspiration of young athletes and decided to find a more creative solution to the problem. He enlisted banquet employees to isolate space in one of the meeting rooms and create a floor hockey rink using banquet tables as a frame for the rinks. During setup, the Manager of Loss Prevention ran to a local sports store and bought two hockey nets, six sticks and hockey balls for the big match.

When setup was completed, the Loss Prevention Officer delivered a written invitation to the family, letting them know that in Canada “hockey just isn’t a game, it’s a lifestyle” and that The Ritz-Carlton had a hockey rink for those who wish to play. Further, the Loss Prevention Officer challenged them to a match against the Loss Prevention All-Stars. The children’s father was incredulous that The Ritz-Carlton had a rink and a team on site and vowed they would be down shortly. When the father and son arrived at the meeting space, they were awed by the hockey rink and pronounced “game on!”

A Game to Remember

The Loss Prevention Supervisor joined the Manager of Loss Prevention and the Loss Prevention Officer to round out the “Loss Prevention All-Stars” and the Guest Services Supervisor joined “Team Family” to even out the odds. The Loss Prevention All-Stars started out with a strong two-point lead. Team Family responded with two goals—one from the son and the other from the father. With the game tied, tensions mounted and the teams played neck and neck for several minutes. The Loss Prevention All-Stars then scored another goal. Team Family stepped up their game and came out in strides of glory—scoring three goals for the win!

Hands were shaken and Team Family was invited to return for a rematch anytime. The game was recorded on the Loss Prevention in-house cameras, and Team Family was sent photos of their epic game.

From Whoa to Wow

In the above story, the Loss Prevention Officer could have knocked on the family’s door, asked them to be quiet and then just gone on with his day. There’s certainly nothing in his job description that requires him to build hockey rinks if needed. Instead, he devised an impromptu hockey match that WOWed and engaged the guests. In the process, he exemplified our Credo by fulfilling an unexpressed wish and enlivened one of our Service Values, “I am empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our guests.” Engaged and empowered employees have the resources, creativity and drive to craft solutions that let everyone win. 

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