Significant Stat: Access to Information

55% say easy access to information and support can make them fall in love with a brand. (source)

Advice from Joseph Quitoni, Corporate Director, Culture Transformation at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center:

In service, everything matters and brand loyalty is not limited to high-end luxury providers. Excellent service can be delivered at a fast-food establishment, the supermarket or a gas station. One component that an organization must be able to master to create brand loyalty begins with being able to provide fast and easy access to information that a customer may be looking for. When customers engage with a company, there is an assumption of competence —which is one of the non-negotiables of great customer service. If customers can receive information and support, then they feel they are getting meaningful value and are willing to pay for it. At The Ritz-Carlton, all employees go through a robust training program that lasts for at least 21 days before engaging with a guest on their own. It is a large investment that we make in our employees—known as our Ladies and Gentlemen—to ensure that they have the tools, resources and information necessary to feel comfortable engaging and building connections with our guests. Building that connection is what drives any customer to choose an organization and stay with an organization—thereby keeping the organization successful. 

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