Significant Stat: Company as a Role Model

Workplace Challenge

“Consumers’ perceptions of the company are key to their complying with conservation requests.” (source)

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Perspective

A common topic in employee engagement and customer engagement is the role of leaders providing a positive example in the workplace. Recent research from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business elevates this idea to understand the role of a company as a role model for consumers. Like an individual has personal values, a company can do the same and wield an even larger influence than one might think. The key is that the company must show customers how the company is upholding its values. For example, it was not enough when hotels, high-priced and low (the facilities of the study), asks for its customers to behave in a certain way, perhaps turning off the lights or keeping the temperature in a particular range. Consumers won’t act on this request, but they will act when they see the hotel acting itself. in this case, when the hotels in the study (again, both price points) provided a sustainable bamboo toothbrush, customers used less energy. At The Ritz-Carlton, we are committed to sustainability among other values. One of the ways we show guests our commitment to sustainability is by installing charging ports for electric cars to support guests making more environmental choices. When developing your brand it’s important to understand the whole picture of what you stand for and then to live and share your values with customers.