Teachable Moment: Drive Excellence


A ride share driver picks up and drops off passengers around a city. The driver often makes conversation with passengers, but also talks on the phone to others while passengers are in the car at times.  When this happens, passengers sometimes feel that they need to quiet down as not to interrupt. Furthermore, they feel that he might not be paying as much attention to the road ahead as he should be.


  • Stay focused on your customer (and the road, and by extension their safety) . Do not make your customers feel like they are second priority.
  • While many customers many want to engage in conversation, often many don’t because they are eager to have a rest period between engagements or because they need to work on something, catch up on email, etc.
  • At The Ritz-Carlton, we are always alert and ready to anticipate the needs of our guests. In this case, maybe it’s staying quieter when a business person is riding and has some things to think through in advance of a meeting. Or perhaps it’s a group of adults going out on a Saturday night, in which case you might ask what music they want to listen to in order to keep the energy up en route to their destination.