Customer Service Legal Advice


A gentleman needed legal advice, and after reviewing a law firm’s website, he felt their legal team had the right background to help him. He reached out to the firm through their web “Contact Us” form. After three days of no response, he called the firm to see if they had received his inquiry. The receptionist initially put him on hold and then explained that they do not have time to follow up on web inquiries. She offered to take his information and have someone get back to him. The gentleman decided to look for a different law firm to meet his needs.


    • Organizations should not offer a “Contact Us” web form unless they have a follow-up process in place.
    • After filling out a web form, your prospective customers should receive an email verifying that their inquiry was received and letting them know how long it will take for you to respond.
    • Don’t make it too difficult for customers to work with your organization. The gentleman filled out a web form, had to call to follow up, was put on hold, was asked to provide his information again, and was told he would still have to wait to be helped. He concluded that the law firm was too busy, uncaring and would not be responsive to his needs.