The Beginning of Our Journey

After receiving the second Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1999, the media and companies around the world wanted to know how The Ritz-Carlton became the first service organization to receive two Malcolm Baldrige Awards. There was so much interest about how we do business—that it was distracting us from running our business.

Thankfully, training is an important element of the culture of The Ritz-Carlton, and we opened a public university so that organizations in all industries—such as healthcare, automotive, finance, transportation, legal, energy, technology, retail, fitness, insurance, and human resources—have the opportunity to benchmark with us. Launched in 2000, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center has welcomed thousands of senior executives, managers and staff from leading companies and healthcare organizations around the world. Individuals and organizations have requested speaking engagements, partnered with us to change organizational culture, and enrolled in our courses on customer service, employee engagement and leadership.

The Roads We Have Traveled

The business practices that we have shared have been successfully applied, and the result is that organizations have not only improved, they have experienced sustainable cultural transformation. Several of the leading brands known today for their customer experience attended our courses prior to creating their own legacy of legendary service. Because discretion and privacy are service values at The Ritz-Carlton, we cannot share our past customer roster; however, we can share some of our testimonials, customer stories, and some of the news stories that have resulted from our work.

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center has established itself as one of the premier leadership training organizations in the country. We are grateful for the recognition and awards. However, as every member of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Team would attest, our greatest passion is helping organizations improve and innovate their journey to their own level of customer service excellence.