Customer Service

Significant Stat: Access to Information

April 4th, 2016

55% say easy access to information and support can make them fall in love with a brand. (source) Advice from Joseph Quitoni, Corporate ...

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“Does this employee care about me?”

March 23rd, 2016

In this guest blog post, Bill Quiseng, customer service speaker, blogger and award-winning author, weighs in on a guest story from The ...

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Etiquette & Engagement: Pleasant

March 18th, 2016

Imagine if every person acted like a lady or gentleman….. Etiquette Tip: Ladies and gentlemen are pleasant when conversing with ...

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Etiquette & Engagement: Discreet

March 4th, 2016

Imagine if every person acted like a lady or gentleman….. Etiquette Tip: Ladies and gentlemen are discreet when expressing ...

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Significant Stat: Customers’ Time

February 29th, 2016

77% of customers surveyed say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online ...

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Service Magic: Practicing the Art of Amazing Your Guests

February 24th, 2016

In this guest blog post, Chip R. Bell, a renowned keynote speaker and the author of several best-selling books, shares his unique ...

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10 Ways to Avoid Awkward Customer Service

February 3rd, 2016

Customer service is not just a checklist of activities. There is an art, style and grace to customer service. When performed well, ...

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Significant Stat: Workday Interruptions

February 1st, 2016

Research shows nurses in acute care complete 100 tasks per shift, with interruptions every three minutes. (source) Advice from Alexandra ...

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Recognizing Unexpressed Needs

January 6th, 2016

One of the Service Values at The Ritz-Carlton is “I am always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our ...

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Significant Stat: Reduce Customer Effort

January 4th, 2016

Avoiding negative words like “can’t,” “won’t,” or “don’t” can reduce Customer Effort Scores by 18.5%. ...

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