The Art of Service Recovery | Building Trust & Loyalty

An ever-changing world has forced all of us to face anxious internal and external customers who are grappling with increased wait times, unfamiliar digitized products and platforms, altered product menus, supply chain delays and suspension of face-to-face services.

The Ritz-Carlton has been service recovery obsessed for decades – tracking every guest incident, how it is handled, analyzing resolution success, surveying guest satisfaction, and rewarding employees for empowered solutions. In this knowledge transfer session ideal for employees performing in either a virtual or live business environment, we share our methodology, highlighting the connection between exceptional service recovery and brand loyalty.

Intended Audience

  • Service professionals who are responsible for providing the customer experience through first-hand interaction, such as a Customer Service Representative, Customer Experience Specialist, Receptionist, Front Desk Agent, Reservation Agent or Patient Services Coordinator.

Distinctive Topics

  • Problems or Opportunities: Learn the difference and what customers want.
  • Fundamentals of Listening: Discuss the different types of listening, sympathy vs. empathy.
  • An Empowered Apology: Key components of an effective and authentic apology, how to handle various customer issues through role playing.
  • Effective Service Recovery: Explore the elements of effective service recovery – Timeliness, Ownership, Follow-up.

Pricing & Details

This program is available as:

  • A three-hour onsite speaking engagement and workshop at a location and time of your preference. Please contact us for pricing and availability.